• I
    speculated several years ago that the expected old cratered surface
    would be in fact the face of a planet rejuvenated by tectonics.
    Indeed, the movement of the couple Pluto / Charon and his seven main
    satellites around their common center of gravity creates tidal
    forces, who wear the deep ocean at a very high temperature.
    (Relatively ...) Thermophilic organisms should develop in the deep
    warm lakes. I wrote this hypothesis in a paper about Eris in the 109
    issue of the french journal “FUSION”, but the paper was
    unfortunately shortened by the editor.

    Pluto and Charon are gravitylocked but satellites that rotate faster
    than the couple Pluto / Charon accelerate the rotation of the god of
    the underworld and his ferryman of the deads, and thus loose energy.
    They end up crashing or be ejected.

    the contrary, those satellites who are running slower than the
    rotation of Charon around Pluto get energy and move away from the
    barycenter. This is the case of Nyx, Styx, Hydra and Cerberus. In
    the same time the couple Pluto/Charon decelerate, and there is a
    dephasage between the speed of rotation of the two dwarf planets, and
    thus tidal creation of heat.

    added to this tidal energy, it is not possible to exclude some LENRs
    of the deuterium or lithium catalysed by the metal of the rocky core
    of the dwarf planet.

    is the same thing for Cerès : the famous “bright spots” on the
    surface are clearly made by a cryovolcanic activity. And to this day,
    there is no satellite reported around Cerès, so no source of tidal
    energy. What is the source of the internal heat of Cerès?

    why not?

    the Sphere of Roche of Ceres is 300 000 km large, so it is not
    impossible that some unknown satellites lies in this region. I
    suggest the name of Zea, Triticum, Oriza, Sorghum et Astrebla for
    these small bodies. Each of them will represent a cereal of each
    continent of our Planet. Ceres is the godess of the harvests. Don't
    forget his beautiful blond hairs when eating your Kellogs muesli
    during the breakfast !

    if there is no "Kellogs" moons in the sphere of Roche of
    Ceres, we must consider LENRs to explain the active geology of the
    dwarf planet.

  • Whatever is real in these high energy phenomina must be a rock or stone-like foundation of many mysteries across the solar system. Thanks for sharing David.