workshop - Keshe foundation - the greatest moment in the human history - (off tropic)

  • Obviously, he has a lot of controversial statements that sounds strange. But we have many members with knowledgeable, I would like to see our visitors debating this topic.
    I have no knowledge of this. To me it sounds more like religion than science.
    So I will leave this to all visitors.


    The New Technology That Frees Humanity
    This broadcast is scheduled for July 30th, streamed on Livestream -

    Starting in about 60 min from now.

    Compilation - Free Energy - Nuclear Engineer M.T. Keshe @ ElektorLive!

  • I am not very positive on that kind of organization.
    I expect that with LENR (and EmDrive) development, many "carpetbagger" of science will try to surf on the anti-academic wave.

    Some long existing manipulating organization will grow, selling fake medicines, fake business, fake technologies...
    The good point is that it will kill the current scaremongers, salesmen of fear, preachers of apocalypse, who flourish like flies on a dead cow...

    What I hope is that salesmen of fake dream will move to selling real future... Not sure it is possible? It could be a good idea for a reconversion.