Superdielectrics - Perhaps relevant to LENR?

  • A new preprint from -

    "Super Dielectric Materials"

    - proposes new "super dielectric" materials with dielectric constants 10,000 larger than the best known dielectrics.

    The authors note that -
    "it is interesting to speculate on the potential value of NPS (New Paradigm Super) capacitors ... leads to a remarkable energy density of ~1000 J/cm^3. A D-battery (flashlight battery) has a volume of ~53 cm^3...a one D-cell sized NPScapacitor could hold 25,000 J."

    Dielectric breakdown currents have been theorized to initiate LENRs. For example, see Brian Ahern's patent --
    "Amplification of energetic reactions" WO 2011123338 A1 - at URL:

    Patent item [0024] notes: "Discharges through a dielectric embedded with metallic particles behave very differently. The nanoparticles act as a series of short circuit elements that confine the breakdown currents to very, very small internal discharge pathways."

    If the dielectric materials described in the Arxiv preprint are real, the dielectric breakdown currents may be immense.

  • on one side classic supercapacitors application maye be very useful.
    I have identified that storage, in a different way from intermittent energy, is an important point to the development of LENR-electric hybrid propulsion groups like on cars or planes.

    On another side, this seems to be yet another strange QM effect, and it can gives surprise, like when relativity explain why gold is yellow.