Huge News: E-Cat US-Patent granted! 50% Ni, 20% Li and 30% LiAlH4

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    Andrea Rossi has been granted a US Patent on the e-cat! More coming...


    UPDATE: Note that LENR is not mentioned explicitly, but also note that the contents of the fuel mix are specified — lithium and lithium aluminium hydride as fuel and “a group 10 element, such as nickel in powdered form” as the catalyst. This is important since fuel and catalyst specifications have been lacking from earlier patent applications by Rossi on the E-Cat, as far as I know.

    The patent, which has the filing date March 14, 2012, can be downloaded here: US9115913


    Variations in the ratio of reactants and catalyst tend to govern reaction rate, and are not critical. However, it has been found that a suitable mixture would include a starting mixture of 50% nickel, 20% lithium, and 30% LAH [lithium aluminum hydride]. Within this mixture, nickel acts as a catalyst for the reaction, and is not itself a reagent. While nickel is particularly useful because of its relative abundance, its function can also be carried out by other elements in column 10 of the periodic table, such as platinum or palladium.

    Direct link to the USPTO Site:

    Interview with Andrea Rossi by HydroFusion:

  • As I understand it, the claims only cover the heating mechanism, not the actual LENR reaction so I don't think that we can regard this necessarily as an endorsement by the patent office or an indication that they will start granting cold fusion patents.

    There is some interesting detail about the fuel composition and cartridge which may be of interest to people trying to reproduce the effect.

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    Very nice news!
    elemental lithium... aha aha!

    Very nice! I hope Rossi is now able to talk a bit less secrecy, where his IP is more or less protected! :thumbup:

    Maybe he can give MFMP and all other replicators direct instructions to replicate his device now! This would just be good for his and [lexicon]IH[/lexicon]'s credibility.
    This would be absolutely great! :lenr:

  • Patent is interesting, but it does not cover too much things.
    But it seems that the device is not too sophisticated, altough function is described very, very vaguely.
    I really wonder how patent office can grant similar patents. But of course it is target to not reveal anything if not really necessary.

    Main difference is that the fuel composition is 50% Nickel, 20% Lithium and 30% LiAlH4.
    So ratio is very different + there is added Lithium.

    Lithium alone can make triggering much easier with low temperatures.

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    It seems to be a very different patent from the one we debated for long.

    This patent does not protect LENR but an implementation of a reactor, with a smart thermal assembling.
    In a way it remind me the Airbus Aerospace and defense patent, which protected a control method.

    look how this patent is short...

    As we expected for long, [lexicon]IH[/lexicon] and Rossi have organize to seriously patens various facets of their technology...


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    I hope so. I really do hope so.
    Or let us put it the other way around. If he refuses to support replicators from now on, he has to be considered unscientific, and not willing to help humanity.

    Can someone ask him in his blog now?

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    Note that I've heard valuable critics of this patent :
    It only cover a very common, not so creative, way to transfer heat in a device...
    The critic is not very far from the one against Airbus patent.

    the fact that it describe the fuel seems not even useful, but as some people says here , maybe is all the value of the patent in the experimental results which allowed granting the patent.

  • If this is a real patent and not a counterfeit, it means at least two things. First, Rossi managed to fool a pair of patent examiners and second, he no longer has any excuse for not getting a proper test by a truly "indipendent" university or government test lab.

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    If he refuses to support replicators from now on, he has to be considered unscientific, and not willing to help humanity.

    Can someone ask him in his blog now?

    I asked him, but my post is still in moderation:

  • Thanks! I thought the whole thing might be a forgery but apparently Rossi really did fool a pair of patent examiners. I bet in a year, they will be the laughing stock of their department.

    ETA: be sure to read the part about the electrical heater explanation. That should give everyone some laughs too. Rossi has always said the huge electrical heaters in his bizarre kludges are for "safety" but in the patent, they are to "invigorate" the reaction. The patent also claims that the heater is 1 kW while the output of heat from the device is typically 6 kW leaving the obvious question of why heat is not simply coupled from the output back to the input when needed.

  • Whoohoo! More fun. Rossi says the nickel is a catalyst. Catalysts are not destroyed in a reaction so where did the supposedly transmuted nickel-62 (the only form of nickel found in the ash in the so-called Lugano test) come from?

    Also, Rossi now says, the 1kW heater in a 6kW ecat is no longer for "safety" but now, it's for "invigoration". So how does a 6kW device require a 1kW heater for invigoration? Can't you just take some of the output heat, route it back to the input as needed using a valve and a bit of tubing, and make the whole thing self-running without power input and thus completely convincing?

    The inconsistencies keep coming because Rossi doesn't realize that to lie successfully to someone, you have to be 10x as smart as they are. And well... Rossi isn't.

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    On there is an interview of Rossi

    I noticed few point :

  • Hi all

    What is apparent is that Rossi has an airtight patent with precedence to allow him to maximise profits by gaining the maximum period on his patent. The whole thing with a patent is to ensure you have precedence on other patent applicants while simultaneously ensuring the Patent is accepted at as late a point as possible in order to ensure the patent keeps others out for the maximum time possible. A circle that takes skill to square.

    This is a textbook example of good patent strategy.

    You register the patent as early as possible for precedence, ideally using multiple patent applications so that they act as multiple levels of defence, and take every opportunity to refine the patents at each rejection and appeal. A good patent lawyer games the application rejection appeal process to maximise your development time, while preventing your competitors gaining knowledge of your product until the very last moment when you are ready to produce.

    I dare say those who were involved with Rossi's competitors and who used sock puppets to engage in pseudo scepticism either in the hope of denigrating Rossi their competitor out of existence, or to try to prevent Rossi gaining a patent or financial backing, are now spitting feathers as all their plans have come to nought, and one perhaps may see them in various sites, such as this, engaging in such activities, while all of us laugh at their discomfort :D

    Kind Regards walker