New developer and programming forum!

  • Hello everybody,

    inspired by @me356, who invested very much time and effort in reverse engineering some communication protocols of his measurment equipment and bringing software to arduino and raspberry pi to collect data from different devices, we decided to add a new sub-forum titled "Programming".

    You can find it here:…php/Board/42-Programming/

    It's purpose is to give all replicators, and interested people, the chance to discuss and exchange programms, program code and protocols details to enable a proper collection of measurement data while conducting an LENR replication attempt.
    Also new ideas, corrections and motivations could be shared here!

    On the other side, by offering a forum for discussions and exchanging source code, everyone with basic programming skills can convince oneself that the measured data is interpreted and saved correctly. In the mantra of "open science".

    The LENR Forum Team hopes to support the replicators a bit more and speed up the finding of interesting discoveries.

    Your LENR Forum Team