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  • Thoughts from a civil servant funded by public funds who has never taken any risk in his life.. Is his expertise really relevant ?

    A blog article by "Jean Louis Van Belle" who discovered the domain at RNBE, and exchanged at an ISCMNS call.…ld-fusion-lenr-revisited/

    Maybe is he there, or some members know him well.

  • Standing Waves and Resonance | Transmission Lines | Electronics Textbook
    Read about Standing Waves and Resonance (Transmission Lines) in our free Electronics Textbook

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    It would be great if we could move past the 'one shot' to excited states with brute force, and did something useful with the phenomenon.
    Harmonic oscillators are a great feature of transistors, I wonder if that feature could also be used in Fusion systems.. ?

  • D. Bushnell discusses seeding iron in ocean in New York Times

    Bushnell is a cold fusion researcher at NASA ( He co-authored a guest essay in the New York Times today. Russ George has also been involved in various projects to do this.


    Iron Dust Could Reverse the Course of Climate Change

    Here is a Gift Link to get around the Times paywall:

    Opinion | Iron Dust Could Reverse the Course of Climate Change (Gift Article)
    The U.S. government should find out if a natural process of adding iron-rich dust to the ocean can make a dent in climate change.

  • What was once Scotland’s most radioactive beach has been re-opened to the public, after a multi-million-pound clean-up operation.

    Contractors have been sifting through 10,000m3 of sand and soil – the equivalent of four Olympic swimming pools of material – at Dalgety Bay in Fife since 2021 in a bid to identify particles of radium-226 and its radionucleotides.

    Two year clean-up of Scottish beach clears radioactive material from second world war planes
    Multi-million pound operation removed over 6000 particles of highly radioactive radium-226 and associated radionuclides

  • Thanks to Bob Greenyer for bringing this interesting website (and persona) to my attention. (Caution, do not drive or operate heavy machinery while browsing this website)

    Yes, this Malcom Bendell gentlemen has been making a rise through Randal Carlson's credit. The said effects and experimental design mechanics are similar to the things we find in the "LENR" field as Bob mentioned, in particular the collapsing of the field to make toroid's.

    Latest Video on Thunderstorm Generator

    Haven't gotten all the way through it since starting it yesterday, but yeah.. it's nothing new to most of us in the "alternative energy" space I don't think.
    I put a short limerick together for a simple way I see it as it pertains to all this poetic speculation of Fusion theories.
    Hopefully it is entertaining to whomever reads it.

    "I do really wish donuts were not so sweet, then people may be able to see between the spheres.
    For a moment in time we taste a treat, but the dragon's fire lays between its eyes as it nears."

    That's my way of interjecting the importance of point discharges and field collapse and reformation, in what is hopefully a responsive medium of literary cornucopia.
    There seems to be some magic between the mediums if they care to interact with each other.

    With that full expression of esoteric geekery and linguistic metaphors, I take should take my leave before I embarrass myself any further. :D

  • Registration open! SSE Annual Conference Encore October 20-22, 2023 Online at Airmeet
    Get Ready for a Unique Online Experience! The 41st annual SSE Conference took place July 23 - 26, 2023, at Indiana University, where maverick scientists worldwide shared the latest and most advanced thinking on edge science topics. This online conference encore is an opportunity to (re)experience the event - plus exclusive online presentations - in a highly interactive, virtual space.

    This encore will take place online at Airmeet from October 20-22, 2023. Long talks, short talks, and panels will be shared on several exciting topics, including psychic functioning, tai chi, healing, subtle energy, UAP/UFOs, remote viewing, altered states of consciousness, AI, and more.

    Speakers will be in attendance for live Q&A sessions, and the SSE will provide multiple opportunities to network in various virtual spaces between talks. If you'd like to participate in these social events, please plan to attend with your microphone and camera. Recordings from the event will be available exclusively to attendees for a minimum of six weeks after the conference encore, so consider registering regardless of your availability on October 20-22.

    Registration is $47 for General Admission and $23 for SSE Members for the full 3-day event. Proceeds will support the SSE's mission to provide a professional forum for presentations, criticism, and debate concerning topics, which, for various reasons, are ignored or studied inadequately within mainstream science.

    For Online Program and Registration, click here.
    Tinfoil hat not required for early bird registrants.
  • I don't think it was relayed here

    Charged particle spectra of palladium thin films during low energy deuterium ion implantation - Journal of Fusion Energy
    An effort was made to create cold fusion in thin films of palladium under low energy bombardment with high currents of deuterium ions in a vacuum chamber.…

    From SolidStateDiscovery website (RSS).

  • Announcement:

    Steven B. Krivit, publisher of the LENR Reference Site and New Energy Times, is organizing a LENR session at next year's American Nuclear Society annual conference. The conference will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, June 9-12, 2024. ( Abstracts (summaries) may be submitted between now and Feb. 2, 2024.

    Papers will be considered on the topic of "Sample Preparation and Examination of Materials for Low Energy Nuclear Reaction Experiments." Instructions and full details are available in the call-for-papers at the ANS Web site. ( Speakers will be provided 20 to 40 minutes. Exact amount of time will be determined in 2024. ANS will publish all accepted and presented summaries in the ANS Transactions. Authors may contact Krivit at [email protected].

    (Posted here by Request of Steven B. Krivit).

    I certainly Hope to see LENR helping humans to blossom, and I'm here to help it happen.

  • Johan Messinger interviewed on The Rational View podcast with Dr. Al Scott

    ‎The Rational View podcast with Dr. Al Scott: Jonah Messinger and Helium 4 are excited by Cold Fusion on Apple Podcasts
    ‎Show The Rational View podcast with Dr. Al Scott, Ep Jonah Messinger and Helium 4 are excited by Cold Fusion - Oct 7, 2023

    Jonah Messinger and Helium 4 are excited by Cold Fusion
    In this episode I’m revisiting the topic of cold fusion with an MIT-affiliated researcher who is looking into the case for cold fusion. As you may recall, my…

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  • Venture Launchpad

    The Carbon13 Venture Launchpad accelerates founders working on the solutions to the climate emergency, as part of the global effort to reach Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050.

    On this 20-week programme, you’ll work intensively on what growth means for your venture, plugging into an unrivalled ecosystem for climate entrepreneurship.

    You’ll explore and validate how your commercial growth and carbon impact are interlocked, understanding how to maximise your carbon impact to net 10 million tonnes of emissions reduction per year when at scale – and the traction you’ll need to achieve it.

    You’ll also pitch for £120,000 of pre-seed investment from Carbon13.


    004 days 12 Hour(s) 33 Minute(s)


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