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  • Anomalous craters arising from electrical breakdown spots

    Manuscript received on 23 September 2019, accepted 10 March 2020

    A last experiment was carried out using a Pd-electrode. After voltage application we find an approximately three to four times higher density of holes than in the case of a Cu-electrode ...

    Pd-electrodes can exhibit an electrochemical mechanical damage upon H2 evolution. Before electrochemistry the Pd cathode is uniform and after electrochemistry the Pd cathode is speckled because of high H flux and H2 evolution. When the solid electrolyte BZCY (ceria- and yttria-doped barium zirconate) is coated with a Pd film as electrode, the Pd film delaminates, and the ceramic grains are fractured and ejected.

    The energy required to form these holes is much higher than the electrostatic energy stored in the MIM structure. It is therefore concluded that the breakdown event with its high channel temperatures triggers a second process which delivers the required energy. Since the number of breakdown spots at structures with a Pd electrode is by a factor of three to four higher than at structures with Cu electrodes it is conjectured that hydrogen explosions on the microscale are involved in the breakdown process delivering the energy for the creation of the craters.

    It remains an open question if these processes are somehow related to the supposed cold fusion reported 30 years ago and recently discussed ...

    Edit to add: good find Ahlfors , I think this article can be further discussed in this thread: Electrical Breakdown Spots. LENR related phenomena?

  • About a year ago a company called Inductance Energy Corp was mentioned here. You may recall they claimed in youtube vids and on their website to have invented a magnet powered generator that appears to break the laws of physics.

    Today I found they are raising funds to build another factory..…ton-could-bring-200-jobs/

    "Inductance Energy Corp. of Cheyenne wants to manufacture wiring harnesses, flywheel components and other electrical generating equipment in Riverton, using a $10 million industrial revenue bond issued through the city."…r-manufacturing-facility/

    “We are moving as fast as we can,” Hawley explained. Everything is reliant on the tax-exempt revenue bond approval which is at the sole discretion of Governor Mark Gordon."

    Here is their video if you missed it first time..

  • New Project Update for the NPP 2.0 project of Wyttenbach,…hysics-20-new-SO4-physics

    The proton and its resonances - NPP Version 2.3

    This updates contains the 6Li structure including the first gamma line. Also 12C is given including gamma lines. An interesting cubic equation for the electron g-factor is shown, that just contains only metric factors, derived from the proton strong force equation. More detailed explanations are given as the understanding of the model grows. In an Appendix we also explore the 7/4 --> 9/8 torus wave from compression that starts after nuclei containing more than 14 protons.

    Congratulations for the advances are in order.

    I certainly Hope to see LENR helping humans to blossom, and I'm here to help it happen.

  • Dr. Akito Takahashi just uploaded this paper published at JCF21 to the Researchgate page of project NEDO.

    It talks about more recent experiments and sustained excess heat of 200 W/g of Ni based composite nano powder. Looking better after each interaction.…_of_Nano-Metal_and_HD-Gas

    Summary and Conclusion Remarks:

    Repeated re-calcination is effective to enhance sustainable excess thermal power by the interaction of Ni-based binary nano-composite metal powder with H (or D)-gas. Baking treatment between elevated temperature runs is effective to enhance excess thermal power for the second re-calcination, but the enhancement has saturated for the third re-calcination. To eliminate the gas turbulence effect for calorimetry, condition of homogeneous temperature in sample region will be tested to enhance more AHE. Excess thermal power reached at the level of 200 W/kg-sample continuing for several weeks or more, by the elevated temperature interaction of either D-gas or H-gas and Ni-based binary nano-composite powders supported in zirconia flakes. Further extension study towards application of industrial clean portable primary thermal energy source is encouraging.

    I certainly Hope to see LENR helping humans to blossom, and I'm here to help it happen.