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    • Nuclear fusion ...could-nuclear-fusion-be-sustainable/answer/Robert-Steinhaus-1 Could nuclear fusion be sustainable?] Robert Steinhaus; Quora; 29 May 2017 : Deuterium fusion and its ultimate potential for worldwide sustainable energy generation 21 KB (3,098 words) - 16:59, 26 November 2019

    Note: Seems he started the site recently

    "Whilst at the time of writing everything here is the work of the founder, it is hoped that in due course there will be a team working on it (even Jimmy Wales had to start somewhere!)""

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    I learn that a good friend to cold fusion researchers, Professor Huw Price has retired from his Cambridge post - but perhaps not from the field altogether.

    Huw Price has recently retired after nine years as Bertrand Russell Professor of Philosophy and a Fellow of Trinity College at the University of Cambridge. He remains Academic Director of the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence, and was co-founder, with Martin Rees and Jaan Tallinn, of the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk. Before moving to Cambridge he was ARC Federation Fellow and Challis Professor of Philosophy at the University of Sydney, where he was founding Director of the Centre for Time.

  • Existential Metaphysics is required to understand the importance of Wyttenbach's multi-dimensional modelling, so hopefully Huw will be joining our UK research effort. Another AI buff working on Future Intelligence should be encouraged to join our group to found the theoretical basis for LENR and have it ultimately accepted by Nature, where TG failed!!! Warm Regards etc......:):):)

  • Prof. W-S. Zhang kindly translated my recent paper into Chinese:

    Rothwell, J., Review of the calorimetry of Fleischmann and Pons (Chinese version) 2020:



    1989 年到 1993 年,他们发表了一系列论文,描述了三种量热方法:等温外套法、相变
    和冷却曲线分析。这些结果在沸腾实验中达到高潮,当时电解池产生了超过 100 W 的
    超热,并在没有输入功率的情况下保持高温达数小时。1996 年,庞斯报道了另一系列的
    实验结果,使用回流量热计测得反应产生高达 101 W 超热并持续 70 天。



    I translated it into Japanese:

    The abstract looks remarkably similar to Chinese. Even though the Japanese borrowed the writing from the Chinese in 1279:


    紹介である。彼らは 1989 年から 1993 年まで、熱量測定の 3 つの方法を利用した一連の
    100 W を超える過剰熱を生成し沸騰して、その後、入力電力なしで数時間高温にとどま
    る実験で最高潮に達した。1996 年に、ポンスは別の一連の実験を報告した。この実験
    では、還流熱量計を使用して、最大 101 W の反応が最大 70 日間継続的に持続した。



    Expressions such as "使用的量热方法" ("method of calorimetry") are almost exactly the same, and can be read in Japanese. This could be because the Japanese invented many modern scientific and technological terms in the 1870s, and the Chinese later borrowed these words from the Japanese, something they may not wish to admit. I do not speak a word of Chinese, but when I was in China, I could find my way around to a remarkable extent, reading signs such as "grocery store 100 meters ahead on the left" or "Dept. of High Energy Physics" on a university campus. Or, most importantly, "Men's Room."

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    New publication by Takahashi on the NEDO program ResearchGate page.

    Published in Japanese with some texts translated to English.

    MHE Reactions are Hard Radiation Free

    大阪大学名誉教授 高橋亮人

    (Akito Takahashi) (2020/11/7)

    One particular table in English is interesting as it compared Metal Deuterium Energy to Metal Hydrogen Energy.…Ildnc16li6qcaZMUtg&_iepl=

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    Thesis of Cavitation induced excess heat (COP>1) published.

    This is highly likely the research presented by bjhuang at ICCF 22.


    廖謀勇 - 國立臺灣大學機械工程學研究所學位論文, 2020

    Research on Low Energy Nuclear Reaction Heating Caused by Cavitation Erosion Mouyong Liao-Degree Thesis of Institute of Mechanical Engineering, National Taiwan University,

    Only abstract is available at Google Scholar, translated by Google.

    by Cavitation Erosion

    Liao Mouyong
    Degree Thesis, Institute of Mechanical Engineering, National Taiwan University, 1-88, 2020
    In the process of cavitation, the inside of the bubble can generate a high temperature of more than thousands of K and an impact pressure of more than hundreds of MPa, and emit light and heat, which is called [sonoluminescence], and is associated with The conditions that trigger nuclear fusion reactions, called [cavitation-induced fusion (CIF)] or [Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR)], can generate excess energy. The corrosion process originates from the temperature and pressure fluctuations in the vapor-liquid phase fluid, which are the key factors that cause CIF/LENR. The interior of the vapor ejector is filled with supersonic flow fields and shock waves, and the droplets flow through the ejector. This may lead to severe cavitation erosion, which in turn triggers CIF/LENR. This study aims to explore the feasibility of cavitation phenomenon in the ejector to induce nuclear fusion and low-energy nuclear reactions. The test platform of CIF/LENR reaction mechanism. The actual test results found that the heating COP (including heat loss) obtained by the compressor refrigerant vapor heating system using the triple tube is between 1.3 and 1.6, which has exceeded the experimental error range, indicating that CIF The /LENR phenomenon is likely to exist. This study also found that the two-phase flow oscillation during heat exchange through the heat transfer tube also has the conditions to cause severe cavitation.

    For discussion please go to this thread:

    The "problem" of excess energy in cavitation heating commercial products

    Research on Low Energy Nuclear Reaction Heating Caused by Cavitation Erosion

  • Ляо Моуён и многие китайцы - большие «воры» чужих идей и знаний ... Все, что он написал, давно описал Афанасьев Владимир Степанович - микроволновая технология ... Более того, в 2013 году Афанасьев представал китайцам свою гидравлическую волновую технологию. ... И хотя Китай и Тайвань - разные страны, информация в век Интернета не знает границ ... Как пример, это фильм-интервью Афанасьева 2010 года - Интервью с Владимиром Афанасьевым переводим на английский - https: // /mail/owt2012/video/24/27.html

    Патент 2003 г. -

    Гидравлический монтаж на выставке 2007 г. в Санкт-Петербурге -

    Ответ Highland International Energy Development Corporation 2013:

    Вы не поверите, но Афанасьев был готов изготовить генератор на основе гидроволновой технологии, при котором на 1 кВтч электроэнергии выделялось бы 100 кВт · ч тепловой энергии ... К сожалению, власти России сделали все, чтобы не допустить реализацию проекта Афанасьева. ...And this despite the fact that in 2012 the Chinese offered Afanasyev a project worth 560 billion dollars, in which it was assumed that with the help of Afanasyev's hydro-wave technology and installations, the "power supply" of the Silk Road railway from Beijing to Moscow would be carried out (through Astana - now Nursultan).

    Паровая турбина и электрогенератор вместе с гидроагрегатом -

    Использование гидроволнового метода для очистки растворов и термоядерных сил, 7 декабря 2017 г. -…12BxqdNU/view?usp=sharing

    Использование гидроволнового метода очистки водных растворов и термоядерных факторов, 7 декабря 2017 г. -

  • Врать ты можешь оказывается....

    Нефть - это кровь планеты, надо сделать модель планеты и мы получим генератор Тарасенко, эта энергия покорит вселенную! :lenr:

  • Somewhat off topic but . . .

    A person from PLOS sent me a form letter addressed to Dr. Rothwell, suggesting I visit their online guide to writing and publishing scientific papers. I do not know whether to take that as a compliment or an insult. I would like to think it means they are reading the JCMNS and other papers. Anyway, their guide is pretty good:

    "The PLOS Writing Center is your guide to preparing a successful manuscript.

    Drawn from the cumulative expertise of researchers, professional scientific editors, and journal staff, the Writing Center offers detailed, practical guidance for writing each section of a research article."

    It has various suggestions such as "do not use an acronym in the abstract." And, "when you mention something in the abstract, be sure you discuss it in the paper."

  • Hydrogen is still in the game and always will be, even when the brakes are applied to plans (for other nice uses of hydrogen) initiated a few of years ago, as is seen in Clean Planet's sight/site.

    The Birth of Next Generation New Hydrogen Energy – LENR

    Science 01 The Frontier of Clean Energy Innovation

    We believe low-energy nuclear reaction (LENR), which is also known as condensed matter nuclear reaction, can play a role in helping restore harmony between human society and our planet. Clean Planet’s revolutionary LENR technology uses hydrogen and widely available metals to produce intense amounts of heat, one thousand times greater than its fossil fuel counterpart. The process does not emit carbon dioxide (CO2), pollution, or radiation. Not only is it “Safe, Stable, and Affordable,” it can be easily and quickly deployed around the world. LENR can be scaled up to replace baseload power that uses fossil fuels or even run our vehicles.

    The New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) under the Energy and Environment New Technology Leadership Program (2015 – 2017) has verified the fundamental observations of excess heat underlying LENR. In Europe, the United States, and other regions, the field of LENR innovators is widening, with participants from venture startups and major industrial companies.

    Clean Planet aims to quickly develop practical LENR applications to spark an energy revolution in Japan and around the world. We strive to enable Japan’s commitment to the Paris Agreement and contribute to addressing the world’s energy and environmental challenges.

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    Another paper from the Lu and Xu-Qiang team from the Chinese academy of sciences:…rnal_id=fzch&year_id=2019

    It claims transmutation of Cs to Ba in the presence of Hydrides but also with Ru acting as a catalyst. Again they used ultrasound stirring. They perform a very thorough isotopic analysis. This papers is a third on a series of these researchers, so it seems they have decided to continue this research line.