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  • Hora had some nice papers a while ago about how non-thermal laser-driven H-B fusion could maybe work. It is a neat idea, which looks possible but very unproven. As always with these things you don't know it will be feasible till you have a detailed proof of concept. The work so far is not enough to convince me of that.

    It’s been an exciting last 12 months of research, experiments and collaborations for HB11 Energy – a year of shared goals, mutual support and achieving great things together. May 2024 be our year for major breakthroughs!

    From their (new) website. I certainly hope they have a major breakthrough but it is a long shot. In any case they are doing experiments now so will have more data showing us whether this idea can work or not.

    They got 22 million to try things https://www.businessnewsaustra…lear-fusion-industry.html

    Recent editorial which is Hora making the case he has been making since 2017

    Editorial: Non-Local Thermodynamic Equilibrium (NLTE) Hydrogen–Boron Fusion
    Recently, in a series of publications it has been suggested that for the HB 11 case we do not need to reach a local thermal equilibrium (LTE) at such a high…


    Yes, controlled fusion for commercial applications has been a promise at least half of my life.

    Last year I visited a lecture of a Duch professor who’s team attributed to one of the numerous challenges ITER encounters. He said: “ITER will never produce more energy than it consumes, maybe a commercial next generation tokamak does this within the coming 25 years”.

    But within that time humanity will probably suffer from exhaustion of our fossil energy sources. If nothing happens that will stop the economic motor and it will lead to chaos. Solar and wind will never be enough to replace the fossil fuels. The plan of making nuclear fusion our next energy source is a deadly plan for humanity and is the mistake of many nuclear scientists that underestimated the complexity.

    What they instead should have been done is developing the thorium reactor. I’m sure it would have been in operation by now. There is enough thorium for at least 500 years if all the energy in the world consumed for every process needing energy! Natural thorium does not require enrichment. All thorium can be used for energy generation. We missed a chance to survive. Let’s hope LENR will bring us the escape.

  • What they instead should have been done is developing the thorium reactor.

    Or the fast breeder or any for ever lasting crap reaction... Or simply said: Fission is nuts.

    This branch (fission and hot fusion) of science is death cult science from people that never did master physics despite a master in physics. The half way useful paths are Lithium fusion and of course CF.

    We would need about 5 millions for a working CF reaction, may be less. Where working mean a product could be sold. But as long as the EU thinks that people that never did master physics despite a master in physics are the right target you can wait for ever.

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