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    Plasmoid Detection, Control, Shielding

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    Hi Everyone,

    I used names I found on the Russian Sochi Ball Lightning/Transmutation mailing list to send this. There are ideas about how to shield from plasmoids, detect them, and control them.

    Some experimental researchers realize that flying micrometer-sized plasmoids might be dangerous because they cause cancer or injuries. Some researchers say they only travel up to about 40 centimeters. I think the evidence shows otherwise.

    However, most researchers don't understand that plasmoid emitting substances are themselves in a plasmoid state. The atoms themselves are in what I call the "plasmoid state." Please be aware that microplasmoid emitting substances that emit microplasmoids that are similar to anomalous ball lightning may themselves stay in the plasmoid state for a long time. Dash, Baranov, and Savvatimova studied about how these objects move and transform around over a period of time. Barnanov says some samples stayed active for two years.

    These plasmoid state atomic patches might be dangerous in the same way that flying ball lightning-like plasmoids are dangerous, and they can continue to emit dangerous radiations, explode, damage equipment, and they can continue to emit flying microplasmoids of the micrometer scale or larger plasmoids for a long time.

    However, though they might be dangerous, it is interesting that such structures might prove to be useful for their superconduction and trasmutating properties, and over time, people might learn to use their properties and control them to keep the substances from reverting back to the normal dormant atomic state.

    Ed Lewis


    Microscopic examination of samples and using witness sheets, plates, emulsions etc. is the best way to determine whether people have microplasmoids in their experiments (or patches of plasmoid state atoms). But it depends on how fast they are moving out of a sample. In some of Matsumoto's experiments, they moved slow enough and were bright enough so that he could see them he said with his eyes.

    He also tried using a "microtelescope" (I think they are not expensive now) and catch them on video. This type of video recording or video imaging equipment will let you watch remotely... I guess also you could program equipment to photograph bright sparks that come out.

    People could also design some sort of an array that will record the passage or impinging of these plasmoids.

    Since I am not sure of how dangerous they are (maybe that depends too on what kind of plasmoid comes out, the state they are in, and what they may contain), it might not be a good idea to be next to your experiments and watch. You could set up sheets of photographic emulsions, x-ray film up all around it.

    I received this message from Stringham who said he saw big ones. So you can see sometimes they are quite big. I wonder what exactly came out.



    Instead of using just passively grounded shielding, people could try to use electrified shielding too or some sort of energized shielding. Something like a mesh or material that will carry a charge or current so that you might get a minor shock if you touch it or something that would energetically stimulate plasmoids that come across a field of energy.

    I am thinking of those rackets with batteries in them that people use to kill bugs. Shoulders was saying something energized might make dark state plasmoids change state so that the material or energy field blocks the plasmoids.

    Distance Traveled

    Some of the Russian researchers are saying that these microplasmoids, based on their experimental detection methods, only travel about 40 centimeters or less. So they said that people further away than this won't be in danger from these plasmoids. I do think that there is a general relationship between the distance a plasmoid will travel and their size, so the bigger they are, the further they travel. However, even microscopic ones can travel far.

    Very large plasmoids make long trenches and other marks and tracks kilometers long in the planets and moons, and galactic plasmoid phenomena apparently are light years long (based on the reports of astrophysicists).

    However, when I was a kid, I made ball lightning-like plasmoids a millimeter or a few millimeters wide (I remember they were about the same size for some reason, but can't tell their exact size) by striking a rock with a hammer, and these traveled meters at least until they got out of my sight. They were bright and colorful, and it was dusk, so I could see them clearly when they were within a meter or two of me.

    One traveled around me and a friend and must have traveled about 3 meters from where it left the rock before it hit me in the wrist and went inside my wrist. I could feel it deep inside my wrist. There was momentary intense pain.

    Based on this experience and lots of other ball lightning and microplasmoid reports such as those of Matsumoto and Shoulders, I think even small microplasmoids that make 30 micrometer-sized markings or smaller can travel through the air quite a distance.

    The report Stringham sent me of his experience is further evidence that common types of transmutation experiments can make dangerous plasmoids that travel quite a distance. He told me the hairs on his hand were burned.

    Deflecting by Magnets

    Another way to shield against plasmoids is to deflect them or control their path. Magnets can deflect the path of plasmoids, but I don't know if this is true for all kinds of plasmoids or all states of plasmoids. There are possibly a variety or range of dark states and grey states.

    I haven't done enough study of the available research evidence or don't know of any specific research to see whether the flight path or behavior of dark state plasmoids might be controlled by using magnets. But white state plasmoids probably will have an electric charge and magnetism, and they can be controlled in this way.

    Probably, "dark grey" plasmoid states might be controlled by means of magnets and electric and magnetic fields.

    Electron guns and the old style of TV screens show that magnets can be used to control the direction of electrons.

    If you are interested in learning more about plasmoids and ball lightning, please see my site and the papers there in the Physics Articles section. I am excited about the finding of the copious plasmoid markings on planets, moons and asteroids and about some of the recent research in Russia.

    If you want to learn about the early research in this field in the 1990s and how other big physics anomalies from the 1970s and 1980s are resolved by my plasmoid theory, there is information about that in my book that I wrote in the 1990s that you can see online (see Book section). I know that my site doesn't have an https certificate, but the paypal is secure and works. I can send a password for the book if I get your email address.

    (I have trouble logging into or even looking at the site. For some reason it disrupts computers I use, so this is why I asked Alan to post this.)

    Ed Lewis


    Нефть - это кровь планеты, надо сделать модель планеты и мы получим генератор Тарасенко, эта энергия покорит вселенную! :lenr: