Black Swan Innovation : interview with Ronny Korsberg (CEO).

  • After the recent article on Brillouin Energy and Robert Godes in Aftenposten, referencing Black Swan Innovation (BSI), I got into contact with Ronny Korsberg, the CEO of BSI.

    Ronny Korsberg got aware of LENR about 7 years ago, and have over 15 years of experience with investigation in the field of renewable energy. He founded BSI together with the Inventor Bard Havre (CTO) in 2013, after they met at the International Exhibition of Invention in Geneva. The company target high potential, but high risk (Black Swan!) emerging technology, like LENR, but also more conventional domains like wind turbines, solar energy... As I understood they try to balance risk taken in exotic technologies, with more mundane breakthrough.

    Sadly, the details of those technologies are under NDA. :censored:

    One of their business services is to evaluate the technology proposed by some inventors or researchers, so they can advise their investors. They perform a technology assessment together with their engineers. They also organize meetings, presentation, briefing, to make companies aware of current situation in LENR domain.

    They have build an interesting network of inventors, investors, government actors, mostly in northern Europe. They focus mostly in that geographic zone.

    Focus now is on promoting bigger agents, like Brillouin Energy Corporation. BSI consider Brillouin to be one of the leaders in this field and are able to experimentally verify there technology. BSI have visited their research facilities themselves, and are under NDA with them and they are updated on the latest developments and can introduce companies and other stakeholders to Brillouin.

    You can read more about BSI at there ( the website will be back in 1-2 days).

    PS: If you have question, don't hesitate to ask, I will relay a synthesis after some time.