LENR in Armenia

  • Группе учёных из Армянской Технологической Академии удалось получить избыточное тепловыделение на установке аналогичной Е-Кат Росси, так же впервые в мире осуществить холодный синтез короткоживущего изотопа цинка при слиянии ядра атома меди с дейтроном сопровождающиеся выделением тепла
    A group of scientists from the Armenian Technological Academy managed to get the excess heat in the installation similar to the E-Cat Rossi, also first in the world to carry out cold fusion short-lived isotope of zinc at the confluence of the nucleus of the copper atom with a deuteron accompanied by heat


  • Thanks Mihail,

    I hope you can answer 3 Questions, please:

    1. Do you know what is the T1/2 of that Zn isotopic isomer, 65 mZn?
    2. Is the more stable "final" product also zinc 65, or something else?
    3. The isomeric transition or other transformation releases what energy of photon?

    Perhaps some or all is in the article.


  • With pleasure I will answer:
    1. T1/2 1.6 µs
    2. 65mZn -> 65Zn + γ further 65Zn having a half-life of T1/2 243.9 days splits 65Zn -> 65Cu + β + to stable isotope of copper with positron emission.
    3. The energy of the gamma quantum(photons) 53.928 keV ( I mean the energy of gamma ray emitted by the nucleus of the metastable isotope of zinc - 65mZn -> 65Zn + γ ).