Louis DeChario of US Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) on Replicating Pons and Fleischmann

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    [feedquote='E-Cat World','http://www.e-catworld.com/2015/10/06/louis-dechario-of-us-naval-sea-systems-command-navsea-on-replicating-pons-and-fleischmann/']Thanks to Adrian Ashfield for sharing this information with me who tells me this information comes from the research notes of Louis F. DeChiaro, Ph.D, a physicist with the US Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA), Dahlgren Warfare Center. I am told has been cleared for public dissemination. As for duplicating the Pons and Fleischmann results, […][/feedquote]

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    They will make a publication. Hopefully in a big journal.

    It looks like they found a way to theoretically identifiy the keypoints of a good LENR fuel and they were able to validate these theoretical results by experimental results.

    When I understood correctly, then this paper could be the biggest event since Fleischmann and Pons!

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    All I can say: BIG.

    But I ask myself.. why? why? why?

    Why did NAVSEA publish this? Shouldn't they keep their research in this groundbreaking field secret?

    This seems strange to me and I can't help but to feel wary about this news release.

    Call me a conspiracist, but where is the benefit for NAVSEA in publishing this?

    All I can think of are three possibilities:

    Either this is supposed to be a way to show competitors in other countries how advanced NAVSEA is.

    or the news DeChiaro gave us are part of a disinformation strategy.

    or NAVSEA really wants to do good for everyone with this work and it's publication.

  • This is indeed a very important step foreward! Now We know the -or some important- conditions that are needed ti initiate LENR. ("We" excludes the sceptics on this site, they cannot do this because of their mental blockage). There is still a lot to do to explain like all istotopic shifts and transmutations that can occur, the amount of heat released, why no/little radiation is measured etc. etc. But now we have a guideline to make LENR work and will cause multiple companies and scientist starting to explore every single detail of LENR. A new world of science will open and I hope for the good of humanity!

  • Hi all

    The additional information stating:

    • The US Navy researchers have repeated and confirmed Fleischmann/Pons original anomalous heat experiment, and can now build and replicate it on demand.
    • The US Navy researchers have also confirmed Rossi's devices as well and that the theory is sound and in line with current physics
    • and finally confirmation of that Rossi's theory about LENR being Quantum Tunnelling as he wrote in the earlier theory paper with Professor Norman D. Cook, and as he also reiterated in his Huffington Post interview earlier this month http://www.huffingtonpost.com/…andrea-ros_b_8248624.html

    All leave the non scientific sceptics with no where to go.

    Kind Regards walker

  • Release of this information will be a non event. Co disposition produced the LENR reaction 100% of the time. When those results were released, nothing happened.

    Rossi is right, when there is a must have LENR product on the market, then people will take notice.

  • When I understood correctly, then this paper could be the biggest event since Fleischmann and Pons!

    It is welcome news for watchers of this field to see a new replication from a research lab affiliated with a well-known organization. But in practical terms I doubt it will move the needle much. Consider the major labs that already have or have had researchers dabbling in LENR: Airbus, SPAWAR, Mitsubishi, Toyota, NASA, SRI, the US Naval Research Laboratory, AIMS, ENEA, Tsinghua, the University of Missouri, and, in the early 90's, Stanford. It is easy for people to write off these other efforts as the hobbies of mavericks within the institutions.

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    In reply to the above post, I am sorry but I can not find any verification of your level of scientific or engineering education or experience on which to base an answer to you. In fact I can not even find any verification that you are a real person and not just a sock puppet.

    Much has been said in connection with some one using the Mary Yugo pseudonym. Of course it could be you or anyone else, or any number of people. :)

    The use of of a sock puppet means nothing about the sock puppet can be verified trusted or of value.

    So why dont you come clean and tell us who you are. :)

    Kind Regards walker

  • How would knowing the identity of the person/persons making these useless posts add anything of value to this forum? These are trolls and best ignored unless they add to some form of perverted amusement. Actually considering the pathology there is no benefit possible and hopefully they will wander away.

  • Walker wrote:


    "The US Navy researchers have also confirmed Rossi's devices as well"

    And instead of answering the question of where this stupendous and monumental piece of news came from, he wants to know who I am? Wow. Sure gives you confidence in what he says, doesn't it?

    I don't think you can cite where anyone from the Navy said that... because they never did, did they, Walker? Like so many other things, you just made it up! Admit it, Walker. The only place the US Navy officially said it replicated Rossi is in your dreams.