pathoskeptic thread

  • How would knowing the identity of the person/persons making these useless posts add anything of value to this forum? These are trolls and best ignored unless they add to some form of perverted amusement. Actually considering the pathology there is no benefit possible and hopefully they will wander away.

  • &"Even Edison got shafted by J. P. Morgan and lost all his work on electricity to Morgan. You got to give Rossi credit for both his technical and business acumen. He is such a mensch(FYI "a person of integrity and honor." ), don't you think? The more we know him, the more we love him. He is a great hero of humanity. Doesn't he make your feminine heart swoon?"

    To get a complete picture of the shafting you have to consider Tesla. Also, just the opposite regarding "the more you know him".
    The last statement is very funny considering the reference. Axil are you playing the role of a provocateur here?