Tube Reactor design

  • @me356: the main reasons why I'm still not convinced about previous experiments producing excess heat are:

    • A low temperature shift compared to the calibration provided. This was first explained as the result of possible endothermic effects by the first decomposition steps of LiAlH4, but it turned out to be 100% repeatable.
    • All runs performed after calibration performed very similarly, pretty much overlapping each other.
    • No confirmation yet that the effect can be deactivated by destroying the (possible) micro/nano sites created on the wire.

    I've added calibration and values with the Pd wire, even if it can't be really compared to the previous runs.

  • I think that it performed very similarly, because it was very same design, actually without any mechanical change.

    I am convinced that COP of 3 can be achieved with this design.
    Actually Laboratory of Experimental Physics in Moscow demonstrated COP of 2,5 with same design (including calorimetry tests).

    It is not as with Parkhomov design, where you need big luck until EM will heat up the fuel from inside. I believe that I will be able to replicate succesfully Parkhomov as well when I will build new heater driver.

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