Blogger "Talgat" : LENR, почему я решил заняться LENR. Поток сознания. ЧЕРНОВИК

  • I found this blog article in Russian, supporting LENR...

    LENR, почему я решил заняться LENR. Поток сознания. ЧЕРНОВИК

    Maybe Russian readers can comment.

  • After re reading this blog post,
    Peter Gluck relay a copy of that post

    Re reading it it seems to analyse the critics against E-cat, and notice how they are mostly absurds and based on nothing real or logic.

    Here is the google translation

    But Peter Gluck propose a better translation Himself at then end of his latest post

  • Talgaton publish another post where he tell the story , the tragedy, of Semmelweiss, to finally compare with LENR

    I studied this tragedy, from Oliver Gordon de Aberdeen to Pasteur, through the ironic death of Semmelweis from Puerperal fever in asylum.
    The incredible quality of his evidence, for the period, and the general denial of evidence.

    The myth today, told in school, is that it was because of aristocratic doctors, lazy to wash their hands, that this evidence was ignored. It is following the class-struggle theory, to avoid the simple theory-driven academic denial theory.
    I know, seeing the success of Pasteur that it is only because there was no accepted theory for Semmelweis observations. That the consensus at that period was spontaneous generation of disease from disbalanced body fluids. Only when an evidence that could be understood by a kid of 5 (Pasteur was good salesman at that) was shown to academic, did they reconnect their brain.

    Semmelweis, once you rewrite the history as it is, getting above the usual historical mythology, is really a good lab rat for scientific denial.
    Contrary to many I don't see Galileo as such an example. it was a political war, and catholic church was much more tolerant with those theories, as long as you don't relativize humanity as Copernicus, Galileo and others were doing, with a political agenda. It is really a shame that Catholic church was more tolerant than most academic organizations today, when they are challenged.

    The worst exemplary tragedy of scientific denial by academics, is "Germs". It is theory-driven denial, forced consensus, inverted Popperian logic. Exactly what we observe with LENR.