About the LENR mechanism

  • Hi Hendrik,

    &"An electron isn’t a stable particle without the existence of a proton (sea of Dirac)."
    &"In fact, BEC [a BEC of protons] is a process of spreading quanta within a local volume (deconcentration)."

    Someone displaying your passing knowledge of the minutiae will know enough to know the above aren't true. Are you here to troll? You will not have been the first. (The crazy quotes suggest you are.)

  • &"The aim of this topic is to “air out” some considerations about a theoretical explanation of LENR.
    Modern physics has no model to explain LENR so this topic is perhaps a successful starting point of some kind of discussion about the forming of a new concept about “reality” inside – and between – atoms. Therefore, we have to know something about the mechanism that creates energy out of “empty” space and the interactions between phenomena that are formed by the created energy (known as field theories)."

    Well you started this topic with a ridiculous statement and continued along the same line. Modern Physics does explains LENR.

    NIce trolling.

  • @Hendric

    Prove the there is no vacuum energy!

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  • Hendrik you must be correct in your airing out statements judging from the relativity theory being in error from the start. Ether is an anesthetic used in operating rooms, there certainly is none necessary in outer space.
    Disregard axil's request it's already been proven.

    Ain't this fun, I'm at a standstill until finishing my new reactor and am reverting to this challenge for entertainment.

  • Anyway, you are the first one in my live who called me “troll”. So I looked up in glad surprise ;-))

    I see. It seems you were being sincere. My apologies.

    There are people who get on LENR forums and write what they no doubt know to be false, apparently intentionally. Some are good enough at it that a portion of the readers will go along with them and think they're saying something meaningful. Some are able to keep this up for years.

  • &"I hope you will contribute to the discussion because – in my opinion – there are a lot of uncertainties about the results of LENR experiments."

    No uncertainty for me. My experiment with NiO produced excessive heat by fusing hydrogen to produce helium. All recorded with thermocouples and a mass spectrometer.

  • &Hendrik

    "All those formulas to calculate the binding forces of chemical reactions and the influence of free electrons and thermal heat to the binding forces" are useless because they predict the reaction shouldn't happen. And yet with the correct preparation of the catalyst, hydrogen will fuse when interacting with the NiO.
    Nanoscale hydrogen fusion (LENR) is a strange reaction when using nickelous oxide as a catalyst.

    &"LENR has two problems: theory and replication."
    Not a problem, the theory is that hydrogen transmutes to helium and the reaction is easily replicated.