Few LENR Video

  • I just found two synthetic LENR video...

    (this one is probably not new, it came from ECW)

    this are the short video that we can spread
    like this older one from Jed

  • Here is another video, mostly text with images

    I don't find it fantastic (nor awfull), but I noticed it was created with WeVideo

    someone with talent could propose such a video (please 5 minutes, no controversy on LENR...)

  • About making video, I fall on, that campaign clip of Ron Paul.
    forget it's meaning (off topic) and focus on the technology, the art, the technique, used

    It is very well made.
    First there is a story. The story is simple.
    then there is a conclusion.
    then some final closing with reference data
    The first story is build with increasing emotion up to extreme feeling, but with clear facts, that people can check later or know already.
    This is the job of a good actor to be such a voice (I know it , I was amateur actor, such a text with increasing emotion is basic training - from whispering down to falling on the ground from the emotional burden).
    Then it goes down to relax that energy with a solution, toward a more positive energy which grows.
    And finally a boring flat statement of the context.

    Graphically it is not basic effects, but not the most complicated.
    Just WORDS that pile up, assemble up,
    some simple drawings.
    rotations, scales, translations. slight 3D effects.
    font changes, some uncommon fonts supporting emotions.

    The key work is designing the text, the ramp up, and down.

    There is a less professional kind of videon published by FreeEnergytruth around 2011, quite well made too, with less technology

    music, words and sentences that appears to tell a story, state facts, raise questions.

  • After all these years there is still no report of actually using this technology for power grid production. Let's keep showing videos that this reaction is possible, it's obviously a very effective stalling effort to maintain oil burning for profit. Not too far off topic the LENR connotations were obvious.