The Possible LENR Reaction Occurring in SAFIRE (Axil Axil)

  • [feedquote='E-Cat World','']The SAFIRE project (Stellar Atmospheric Function In Regulation Experiment) is exploring the “electric sun” hypothesis. Recently Montgomery Childs reported that SAFIRE Project is finding nuclear products and massive energy spikes with a device designed to simulate the electric sun The following post was submitted by Axil Axil There is a layer of dark mode hydrogen […][/feedquote]

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    Building on the past year of experimentation and analysis, the SAFIRE Project is moving into Phase 2, which takes the lessons from the Phase 1 Proof of Concept Prototype into a much larger chamber. Phase 1 ended on a cliff-hanger with indications of fusion and transient million-fold CME-like eruptions. Monty will present some aspects of the new chamber design, and also explain some of the equally challenging tasks of building SAFIRE Phase 2.

  • /* It seems, there is no limit to insanity on this forum. You see, this is why everything breaks down even if for some weird reason LENR turns out to be real (not). */

    Never say never... The Electric Universe theory may be fringe by itself, but the SAFIRE project uses a plasma discharge experiments and the nuclear reactions were observed in plasma long time ago.

    So that even during seemingly silly experiments you can find something unexpected...


    A russian scientist: Alexander Chernetsky experimented with a hydrogen plasma reactor called a Plasmatron that produced a COP of 5. Since there is nothing new under the Sun, the Safire experiment could be the plasmatron. We might make some deductions derived from Safire so far. If it is producing He3, from hydrogen fusion, then the experiments should be dead from gamma radiation or at least have radiation sickness.

    The fact that Safire experimenters all look healthy speaks to the prospect that the reaction that is producing the hydrogen fusion if any must be LENR. We assume that thermalization of gamma is a result of Bose condensation (BEC) in the reaction. This BEC might be caused by a superconductivity of hydrogen going on.

    The Safire experimenters claim that they see layering of the hydrogen plasma in many bands with positive and negative ions segregated in each layer. This might indicate that a process of "hole" superconductivity may be occurring.

    The hallmark of the LENR reaction is the segregation of protons (holes) from electrons where the LENR reaction is occurring in the electron (negative ion) band.

    I would advise Safire to look for RF radiation from Spin waves formed in the negative ion band(s) as well as the emission of mesons containing strange quarks. These mesons will decay into muons and electrons.

    The fusion that Safire is seeing might be coming from muon catalyzed fusion which occurs when muons find a pair of protons to orbit.

    This process being currently observed in the Safire experiment has been of interest to LENR theorists in Russia for many years as follows:



    ... A focus on the East must include the late Professor Aleksandr Chernetskii of Moscow. He developed a plasma generator said to convert vacuum energy into electricity. A press release at the time quoted Chernetskii as saying experiments with different circuits proved that the energy output was always greater than the input. The mysterious effect was called the self-generating discharge. One experiment with a powerful plasma unit burned out the huge megawatt electrical substation of the Moscow Aviation Institute. The discharge had reached a critical point in which superstrong current flowed from the generator and back into wires to the substation. In an experiment with an input of 700 watts, the generator produced nearly five times as much.