Conservative Base : Political article on Brillouin Energy Corporation, and LENR

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    A "Conservative" journal "Conservative base" is publishing an article on Brollouin Energy Corp

    The article state announce in US Capitol and report by Dr Banning Garett, that I am not aware of,

    It remind us, beside Brillouin announce, many recent news, like Tohoku University LENR lab, opening, of Bill gates interest.

    They remind the "no regret" nature of LENR, leading to a probable political consensus.


    Conservatives will actually like LENR because of the strong implications for America’s national security, while liberals should like its clean energy aspects. This may be one of those rare cases in American politics today where both sides can come together to do what is right for America.

    They finally have a "nasty" comment on DoE, and call for lobbying the DoE and DoD.


    So where is the US Department of Energy? The military has a name for it – Absent Without Leave (AWOL). It’s time now for the DOE to get involved with LENR, do whatever testing is required, and evaluate and validate the recent breakthrough observed by SRI and others. The Department of Defense should also get involved to harness this technology for America’s national security needs. Contact and urge your member of Congress to ensure DOE and DOD move out on this game-changing “Made in America” technology.

    This online-journal seems not to be so famous (?), but it seems quite rationally analysing the situation.
    I am more puzzled about the claim of US capitol announce with Michael McKubre and the report of Banning Garett.

    EDIT: Cold Fusion Now covered the meeting on Capitol Hill in DC…echnology-at-u-s-capitol/ (thanks to pal Mahler for the hint)