LENR-Cities : Disrupt your own company – Before LENR disrupts it for you

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    Michel Vandenberghe, transmitted me a small whitepaper describing their approach, in 3-4 pages.
    It is quite easy to understand.

    LENR-CIties Elevator Pitch V1.1-EN.pdf

    What is important to understand is that LENR-Cities, and this is not so easy to understand it, is focused on supporting LENR technology development, but being aware it is a disruptive technology in a very "integrated" world.

    We are not like when Edison introduced electric lighting, with a vertical integration, that started in some US cities and quietly was deployed, replicated across the planet to build what we know as the electric grid.
    Today to allow LENR emergence, everybody have to quickly and synchronously move, or we will understand what really DISRUPTION mean.

    As I understand, their model propose to prevent disruption, by embracing the disruption.


    Disrupt your own company – Before LENR disrupts it for you

    or as Jean-Francois Geneste said :


    We want to shape the future, not to be shaped by it.

    It seems far from technology, but if you don't find people who want to fund the research, invest money and energy in the technology development, then there is no technology.

    There is so much to say on that subject, but this document is a good beginning.

  • Hi Alain,

    Thanks for this post. To clarify your comments. By definition, a disruptive innovation has no market and the LENR technology needs a market to move from the research up to a market ready product, I.e. in order to become an innovation - it is how innovation works. If LENR technology can disrupt the fossil energy business (in particular), it would trigger the collapse of the financial market and so on. then, It is a disruptive technology.

    We face a major dilemna. We need to make a market to get LENR but making a market might disrupt the market itself.

    Some actors have some products 'ready'. There's no only one LENR technology but many and by design it would a stupid idea to protect something which is a future commodity,if you are not able to address the major market demand. One option is to be able to flood the market with one product as demand is very high in order to get a wide share and increase the access cost of this market. In practice, this strategy will unlock a massive investment in developing other implementations but will not address the risk of major destructive creation with a global market collapse.

    Then what are the possible strategies? considering the objective is to implement a peaceful transition...

    - Sell a product to address one specific usage only. People are not stupid. Collapse.
    - Capture a wide market to make money and disappear. Collapse.
    - Set up a LENR 21 ( I'm thinking about COP 21) to get all nations to build an global plan. Humm..... no way
    - Get one BRIC making the technology to address its own market. for Instance China. Global war. collapse
    - Make it as an open technology. a step forward with the potential to get any actor to use the technology. but.... collapse
    - .....

    Making the technology widely available is mandatory but not enough. then what? our proposal: Open Business.

    Objective is to create an initial market in a way that with its global offering, it enables any actor to implement technology and applications LENR quickly. " Changing all at the same time means no change". Need is to create an initial market to move LENR from research to market ready technology with a market being designed in order to enable any actor to be LENR ready. The KEY is the business model of this offering. Any actor willing must join the initial market and endorse its objective. It is the only way to scale fast and to reduce the overall impact.

    What is the LENR-Cities proposal?
    Flooding (LENR) are coming. Participate in the construction of a factory (market) which produces ships (enabler) in order to get a ship (be LENR ready).

    Why LENR-Cities instead of any large existing company?
    LENR-Cities is a pure player, and has no existing market then is neutral. To create an initial market (an ecosystem), is its business !

    But if your ecosystem scales fast, you need to scale fast. How do you plan to manage?
    We are working on a digital platform to implement the global process.

    What is missing to LENR-Cities for the second stage of its project?
    Funding: to create the tool to enable the development of the initial market. we have a team, an offering, a strategy and a market. we have a prototype. we have some initial players...
    Coverage in all countries.
    and more Talents !

    is there any risk of flooding?
    sure, Global challenges. IS there a ship? hummm... “We Ignore This New Capability at our Technological, Environmental and Commercial Peril”...

  • I got a question about our prototype.
    If you think about a working product as a LENR product... You do not understand the approach.
    For instance:
    Tom Darden at ICCF19 did not tell anything about LENR and [lexicon]IH[/lexicon] product.
    Rossi is talking about massive manufacturing capabilities.
    Why? Is it enough to have a working prototype? No, one needs to set up a business process to be successful and there's an imperative need about this process: This business process must enable to : Move from research to a market ready product and to avoid a market collapse.
    LENR-Cities implements LENRG and people within LENRG can have working prototypes.
    We are proposing them a business process in order to get them to do business with their prototypes !
    It is a business to do that !

    Our business process is based on an innovative business model with Scientists/technologists and industrialists.
    LENR-Cities prototype is an ecosystem prototype (it is our "product"), our prototype;, which has the basic capabilities to implement this business process.

  • It is hard for me to even begin to describe what I think right now.

    You guys really serious with you delirium agenda?

    Oh my.

  • The bottleneck on LENR implementation once a reactor is standardized is a "trained labor force". Certified technicians to install, maintain and replace reactor systems, engineers to design reactors into existing systems and management of systems. In the short term the best return on investment is replacing high cost energy systems with LENR, things like diesel electricity generation on islands, remote facilities in harsh environments, and large industrial motors.
    Brute force application replacement of large water pumps, air handling and large facility heating like college campuses. Transportation based systems are a ways out just as new ways to use nearly free energy in ways not yet conceived. The industry I work in is water and wastewater plants and collection systems. I can see replacing large multi hundred horsepower electrical motors with steam driven power plants that utilize existing process water as the energy carrier. LENR cities sound great but you cant build them overnight.

  • Hi Jon,
    You're right and there's only one way to do that. To get All actors to engage themselves into the transition and, in order to do that they need access to the technology but not only. They need to be in a position to manage all the risks to massively engage this transition. This is the core of our proposal. We are neutral and a pure player, neither a technology provider nor an application provider. We only focus on implementing the massive transition process.
    The only successful example of massive transition is the WWW. The core technology of the WWW is highly smart but is a small thing. All the actors have integrated themselves this technology in their product and adoption was driven by a network effect by design. LENR technology does not force any adoption pattern.
    At LENR-Cities we have designed a business model to adopt the technology in a way which drives a network effect.

  • HI Tyy, yes. I've a simple question for you. Implementing LENR is a global challenge. Right? The problem is that economy is a system which works with parameter with certain limits and it applies to innovation. At LENR-Cities even at Oxford, The airbus chief scientist had made an interesting mathematical presentation about this.

    Global challenges and disruptive innovation have both massive impact of the society. In both case, nobody is leading and nobody can the leader (Even if some people forget that any viable evolution process has no center) Disruptive innovation leverages the force of economical logic to change the economy itself and LENR is a unique opportunity to address some global challenges.

    Let's build a tool to get anybody participating in solving a global challenge... You firs, may be?

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    "Sometimes also called Low-Energy Nuclear Reaction technology, though it is not a “nuclear” reaction in the traditional sense."

    Are you sure? There are some speculations of theories out there, but it is not yet sure what we are dealing with, so from my point of view it is not appropriate to exclude a kind of nuclear reaction.

    And this leads me to the next point, a discussion about the shortcut LENR in general. Because, even if at the end, someone found out that it is not 'nuclear', the term - Low Energy Nuclear Reaction - (39500 Google Search Results) is much more common than - Low Energy Nanoscale Reaction - (17 Google Search Results) and therefore I would prefer, if all professionals use one identical term and this should be, from my point of view and several reasons, 'Low Energy Nuclear Reaction'. Even if someone found out that is not scientifically correct, 'nuclear' is in combination with energy very common and it makes clear about what scale of energy it is all about and last but not least it sound much better.

    And Michel Vandenberghe - LENR as a disruptive technology has of course the potential to disrupt the fossil energy business, but it will for several reasons not disrupt the market itself. In contradiction, the market in general will 'explode' in a positive and negative meaning, because of the massive impact that more or less 'free energy' will have on mankind.

    You can have a look at the digital revolution that is still developing. In not more than 25 years the world had completely change, global tele- and visual- communication is available for nearly everyone for very low prices with flat-rates worldwide. If you want to, you can phone or connect to the internet and communicate from every location of this planet, no matter where you are, or how fast you are.

    And what happened to the old existing telecommunication market? It bloomed, or better exploded, most of the old telecom company's still exists, but today's biggest globally acting company's are, beside the few energy giants, more or less it-device producing, telecommunication or internet company's, that even did not exist 30 years ago. Billions of people around the world work in this new sector that does not exist before and this is only possible because of the very cheap cost for communication on a global scale.
    As an earth citizen of today you can get a mobile device for a few dollars and sit somewhere at a lonely beach and make a free video call, when ever you want to, with a person on the other side of the planet, that is sitting on a mountain in the middle of nowhere; look back 25 years, people would have laughed you out if you had made such a prognosis in 1990.

    And the same will happen to the energy market! The old energy company will enter the LENR market extremely fast by buying licenses, because all of them are not just sell energy as fuel, they are selling 'energy products', infrastructure, devices and so on and they are ready to sell more and more of those products, but today are not able to sell more, because their costumer have to pay to much for fuel. Think about it, what will happen if their costumers will have a very cheap energy flat-rate!?

    I do not have much time at the moment for a debate, but I think this is, beside the technical debate on LENR, the most important issue that we have to discuss. What will happened to the world if energy is more or less for free? I think it will, after some struggles end in a kind of Gene Roddenberry Star Trek Scenario, because if energy is for free, we (the mankind) are able to do everything and one day we will leave this planet and explore the universe... and this will happen very fast.

    Greets Felix

  • You are right Felix. If we are able to make LENR to be adopted by the market using the same Internet pattern it will work! It is what we say. Our point is that LENR technology itself does not impose such adoption pattern and in order to do that one needs to build a business model with two characteristics: Force a viral Open adoption model and provide a competitive advantage to be adopted by all the players as the market is developing itself.

    ABout Nuclear: It is obvious that LENR trigger nuclear reaction but as an effect. Nuclear today means, it is impossible because triggering nuclear reactions without verifying some conditions of nuclear reactions... hum... Using "nanoscale" is to point out that organization change not only the properties of the matter but can change the matter itself which makes sense as matter has a sub organization. use Nuclear if you want people to be afraid by something which has not the same effects as Nuclear as it is known today.

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    Good day Michael,

    https://www.mail-archive.com/vortex-[email protected]/msg105834.html

    Here Jed Rothwell makes a good argument that, if the Ecat is performing "ahead of schedule" as Mats Lewan has heard, and I should also add...is real, the main obstacle going forward will be regulatory. That would account for the long duration "400 day test" at Rossi's customers factory. But it could, and is, being argued that 400 days with one reactor will hardly suffice to pass muster with safety/regulatory agencies worldwide -Even China.

    Couple of questions: Is LENR-Cities privy to the performance, or veracity of the Ecat, or any other near market LENR products? How will your organization help navigate those looming regulatory obstacles LENR products nearing market entry will most likely encounter?

  • @Michel

    The challenge is to prove high power LENR is real. I see no evidence whatsoever that it is. Defkalion is dead. Rossi is an obvious scammer and Brillouin, too early to be sure, but they show no class and no convincing evidence that they have anything at all. Show me the beef, please!

    @Shane D.
    Your Rothwell link to Vortex (a pretty dumb and highly censored place) doesn't work for me.

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    Here is a snippet from Jeds post that sums it up well:

    This is a radically new technology. It is a far greater
    leap, than the Prius for example, and the Prius called for thousands of
    tests within Toyota and by dozens of external agencies, for things like
    crash testing. You cannot possibly do all that must be done with only group
    testing for one year. You need thousands of man years by dozens of groups.
    You must meet the demands of 21st century regulations and the public's
    demand for assured safety. This is a *nuclear fusion reactor*, for crying
    out loud! It is producing fusion energy by unknown methods. Any public
    safety official in any country who allowed such a thing without regulatory
    clearance would end up in jail or a lunatic asylum. It is unthinkable.

  • @Shane D.

    Yes Shane but nobody has properly demonstrated and proven that high power (dozens or hundreds of watts at respectable power ratios or "self sustaining") has even been accomplished. Talk about testing, certification and sales are completely irrelevant and premature because there is nothing to show, much less sell. I have no opinion on low power stuff -- to my view, it's not of much interest at the moment.

    @Michel V


    Right? The problem is that economy is a system which works with parameter with certain limits ...

    Before you even get to that, you have to be able to show that high power LENR is real. Who do you think has done that? Certainly not Rossi or Defkalion or Brillouin unless you are gullible and have a very low threshold for belief.

  • Couple of questions: Is LENR-Cities privy to the performance, or veracity of the Ecat, or any other near market LENR products? How will your organization help navigate those looming regulatory obstacles LENR products nearing market entry will most likely encounter?

    LENR-Cites business is about the technology, i.e how LENR works in order to engineer solutions and make sure they are using safe technology (in order to get industrialists to invest massively). Then there's a requirement to certify LENR nano materials (and their usage). If any regulator can prove there's no risk without this knowledge, it is out of the scope of LENR-Cities business.
    Note: And it make sense to consider there's many way to trigger LENR effects.

  • @ Mary. The challenge is to prove high power LENR is real. I see no evidence whatsoever that it is. Defkalion is dead. Rossi is an obvious scammer and Brillouin, too early to be sure, but they show no class and no convincing evidence that they have anything at all. Show me the beef, please!

    People will show the beef when they will be known how to cook it :)

  • @Mary. Before you even get to that, you have to be able to show that high power LENR is real. Who do you think has done that? Certainly not Rossi or Defkalion or Brillouin unless you are gullible and have a very low threshold for belief.null

    May be Rossi or Deflkalion or Brillouin unless you are very well informed and have a very high high level for belief. Opinion is opinion and vice versa.

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    Mr. Vandenberghe,

    Thank you. LENR is so unique perhaps that reviewing product development history, looking to the past for direction, will offer no insight as to what will come? In any case, if an LENR+ product enters the market arena (I think one will soon), we, and your organization will simply deal with it. That simple.

    That said, I do believe there is some groundwork being laid to prepare the various governments for the possibility of a game changing, yet little understood...with the unfortunate "N" word in the description, technology. No doubt in the hope they are not too shocked when the time comes, thereby preventing a knee-jerk, detrimental bureaucratic reaction. Soften them up so to speak. A good example of this is Brillouin Energy which recently went to Capital Hill to educate the way for LENR+. They also visited Finish state officials last November to do the same. Very smart of them I think.

    Making the political connections now...informing the politicians who oversee the regulatory agencies, as to what may occur soon, may pay dividends when this really breaks.


  • Michael
    The mass scale introduction of LENR will also depend on developing industry standards for the reactors, information interface, piping sizes, energy calculation outputs, footprint, safety requirements etc. The worst thing that could happen is if every reactor manufacturer comes up with designs that do not follow an established standard. The beginning of the computer industry had multiple communication standards which meant competing systems couldnt speak with one another hence the development of the OSI model for communications. LENR cities appears to be taking a lead role and I would very much like to see you develop first step standards for LENR starting with safety, communication, and standardized power output. You could be intermediary to Brillioun, [lexicon]Industrial Heat[/lexicon] and others that are working on developing LENR. It would be very efficient to be able to swap out a reactor from one company with a reactor from another, much like a lightbulb. Id also like to see an organization that licenses and trains LENR technicians, professional installers and maintenance personnel.
    Almost everyone currently following LENR is concerned with the underlying physics but ignore the issues involved with the actual installation and maintenance of LENR reactor systems. I equate this emerging technology with the early steam engines in the 1800's just using a different heating source. I foresee a return of steam based primary drives for many applications instead of thermal electric conversions to generate electricity. The fact that the cost of fuel will be next to zero will allow for energy systems that are cheap but inefficient since wasting energy will not be costly. LENR will flip upside down the way we look at manufacturing just about everything, why make something costly and energy efficient when you can make it cheaply and energy wasteful?

  • The problem of collapse is almost unavoidable in this case. On the very DAY that anyone demonstrates in a conclusive way that LENR reactions are genuine the world markets in energy of all types will spiral down, out of control, and drag everything else along with them. This is a chicken and egg problem. It would be swell if all interested businesses had an opportunity to "disrupt: themselves in anticipation of an LENR future, but until it is TOTALLY VALIDATED no one in their right mind would take that chance. So Michel's idea of a smooth transition based on ALL players moving apace into that good future is silly. The paradigm shift upon acceptance of LENR will be like a drop of dust in a super cooled liquid -- BAM! All previous energy systems are obsolete, and switching over to LENR will take many years to happen. Vast and uncontrollable global changes will ensue: political, financial, military etc. etc.

    The only possible "safe" way to introduce LENR to the ACTUAL world would be gradually, with a steadily growing body of non-conclusive evidence to incite the adventurous early adopters. If (and I really mean if) LENR is an actual process, I can only hope that the top level directors of many if not all top industries become aware of that fact, and that must be happen early enough and quietly enough that they have time to prepare themselves PSYCHOLOGICALLY for the advent of this new age. Continuity of large economic entities is totally essential. The power vendors of today MUST be the power vendors of tomorrow or there will be an economic collapse the like of which the world has never seen. Interruption of the machine which is the global economy would lead to a place impossible to forecast.

    The WWW did not directly compete with the previously extant communication technologies. Thus the players had a significant time during which to incorporate it into their systems and practices. Even now we still have land lines, broadcast TV, radio etc. It was not "either / or" , but LENR will be perceived very quickly to be the end of the energy industry as we have known it. Who would want to invest in oil futures? or a coal fired power plant or nuclear?

    If there IS an effort to stifle the validation of LENR I'd have to say I understand why. We can only hope that a way can be found to accomplish a survivable transition to an LENR future!

  • Hi Jon,

    Agree. In some way, you can think we want to develop with innovative industrialists a kind a industry association but 2.0 format. our problem is to get funding to do that !

    In Switzerland, we have done some initial work with the Swiss Engineering Association (150.000 engineers) and have published an article in their own news paper. Objective is to make them aware of LENR and share with them some insights about impacts on industries including requirements to align capabilities from standards to installation and maintenance... (2 people in our team have a strong background in Industry). We are also very focus on education. and we are doing some initial work with several universities in Europe to develop an LENR cursus for Engineers and PHD. We have an unique value proposal for scientists.

    In Japan has its own national project, India, Brazil has no capabilities but we know since Two years that some people are working to develop some, China just obvious, US have a huge capability to accelerate with required.

    In Europe, we are late, I will say as usual !

    Open to ALL industrialists which are not waiting to be disrupted ! We need to find allies to engage in this wide project and our project has been designed to be implemented but by a set of actors, and LENR-Cities is only one of these actors.


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