Can you proof to me that Michael McKubre is director of Energy Science at SRI?

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    Dear all,

    motivated by Brillouin's press release I started to browse the website of SRI (Stanford Research International).

    There is a list of It's personnel and all directors of all subdepartments seem to be listed. Strangely, and in contrast to what is written in McKubre wikipedia article there is NO mention of McKubre.

    Instead there is "Barbara Heydorn" listed as the senior director of the Energy Center.

    Is there someone who can explain this?

  • Don't know if it's a proof to your eyes, but give yourself a chance to find in Google with those words :


    ... and you'll find lots of references to McKubre,
    because you can find it directly in SRI search tool, in their website, like :


    Cold Fusion: Comments on the State of Scientific Proof

    Advanced Technology and Systems Division
    Feb, 2015, Volume 108, Number 4 By MCH McKubre


    Among the presenters was Mike McKubre, Senior Staff Scientist and Director of the Energy Research Center in the Physical Sciences Division’s Materials Research Laboratory, who provided an overview of research in the field, now commonly called “low-energy nuclear reactions” (LENR).


    Review of Materials Science for Studying the Fleischmann and Pons Effect

    Current Science Feb, 2015, Volume 108, Number 4 By V Violante, E Castagna, S Lecci, F Sarto, M Sansovini, A Torre, La Gatta, R Duncan, G Hubler, A El Boher, O Aziz, D Pease, D Knies & M McKubre

    ... and others...

    Some interesting things to read, at SRI website. :thumbup:

  • I suspect that official titles may have shifted around as part of the efforts to establish the Center for Study of the Anomalous Heat Effect at Texas Tech University with Dr. Robert Duncan. My guess is that perhaps Dr. McKubre has moved into some kind of adjunct position at SRI while the work at TTU is starting up, which would explain shifting job titles. Without question though, he has worked at SRI for many years, and I highly doubt that his title as Director was fabricated, even if it may not be entirely accurate at this particular point in time. For reasons beyond my understanding, secrecy and discretion rules over much of the ongoing work in LENR, and this may well prove to be yet another example of a discrete move that nobody involved felt a need to publicize.

    Here is an abstract of a poster from ICCF19 which describes the new research center:…ster/AP52_Scarborough.pdf

  • McKubre is quite senior but I suspect, without evidence, that SRI is quite embarrassed by him and his activities with such companies as Brillouin and his at least tacit support of Papp crapp and Rossifiction.