Japan LENR project sponsored through NEDO...

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    Steven Krivit of New Energy Times reports here the sponsorship of LENR projects though NEDO (Industrial Technology Development Organization).


    Akito Takahashi reports a project "The nano-metal hydrogen energy project (NEDO-MHE)" is adopted conditionally and started on Oct 2015.

    A project "The joint research team (Nano-METS)" involve Technova, but also Nissan, and 4 university Tohoku but also Kyushu,Nagoya and Kobe.
    It involves Takahashi (Toyota/Technova) but also Iwamura (MHI), Nakamura (Nissan), Kitamura (Technova and Kube U), Kishida (Kyushu U), Hioki (Nagoya U).

  • It is nice to read there are some professional scientific attempts to investigate LENR in a structured way.
    Although it is very intriguing to start experiments as an individual, I have to admit it isn't a realistic idea when I start experiments by myself. There are too much difficulties to get the right materials, equipment, etc. Moreover, there is a lot of knowledge to accumulate about all the technical ins and outs. I don't think you can get successful results as an individual within a couple of years.

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    @sengakut publish an article about Impact program wher there is reference to LENR research



    Google Translation is awful, but one can get the point.

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    Infinite Energy publish in latest Issue an article by Yashuhiro Iwamura :

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    Hi Alain.

    I had a chat with the deputy energy minister at a reception in the Japanese Parliament in 2013. I asked him about the Shinzo Abe government's official line on funding LENR research and he was very forthcoming. He mentioned the collaboration project they were putting together under the 'Clean Planet' brand and said 'This year they have $20M, but really they can have as much as they want -this is a priority area of research.' Sadly now NEDO have taken over there will be much more secrecy, and much less in the way of published research.