LENR growing acceptance: JCMNS (Journal of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science) will be indexed in the Web Of Science

  • For sceptics about LENR: Read the overview paper in:

    Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research (journal homepage: www.elsevier.com/locate/nimb
    Student access: http://linkinghub.elsevier.com…583X1500052X?showall=true )

    Title: Cold nuclear fusion
    By: E.N. Tsyganov a,⇑, M.D. Bavizhev b, M.G. Buryakov c, S.B. Dabagov d, V.M. Golovatyuk c, S.P. Lobastov c

    This may end some discussions...

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    I can also look forward to getting an alternative view from the believers against Rossi, some of whom are most zealous and ardent in their belief against him.

    Eric Walker

    There are two overwhelming reasons, actually three, to distrust Rossi and they are very well documented. In about a week, I expect to receive yet another FOIA report on the thermoelectric scam, the one from Parsons, hopefully, to put one more nail into that coffin.

    1) Well documented, extensive criminal history in Italy -- not only Petroldragon but various kinds of illegal gold trade, money laundering, tax dodging and others. Attempted to foist off a purchased degree from a bogus university as real.

    2) No measurable or provable accomplishment EVER. And all claims of accomplishments in his past come only from Rossi.

    3) No proper measurement, no independent measurement of his current claims EVER.

    And of course, many other things including contradictions and absurd claims in the ridiculously titled blog, JONP. Trust anything Rossi says or invest in Rossi at your own risk.