Brian Josephson review of Mats lewan's book "An Impossible Invention" on e-Cat

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    Brian Josephson, a Nobelized long time supporter of Cold Fusion, and more generally of a science open to investigate on the impossible, have made a comment which review the book of Mats Lewan
    An Impossible invention
    in a weekly post on ""


    The highlight of the week was the publication of Mats Lewan's book 'an Impossible Invention', subtitled The true story of the energy source that could change the world. The author, a science and technology writer, has been investigating the controversial Rossi reactor or E-cat in depth in the 3 years since its initial presentation in Bologna in January 2011. The first part of the book covers Andrea Rossi's previous inventions, showing how life is not easy for an inventor whose inventions pose a threat to other enterprises. This is followed by what Lewan has been able to glean about the invention since the initial demonstration, purportedly of a fusion device creating some kW of heat. Besides following the course of developments in detail, Lewan gives much attention to the question of whether the device is genuine, or whether fraud is involved. One important event was a long-period investigation, published at arXiv:1305.3913, providing strong evidence of the production of anomalous heat. Particularly interesting to me, in the light of my past dealings with arxiv, was the text of an accidentally leaked exchange between two moderators, wondering if they could find a rationale for blocking that report. In the course of his attempts to bring his device to a commercial conclusion, Rossi had problems with collaborators, being suspicious of their motives, but it seems he has found an (undisclosed) American firm that he trusts, who have been licensed to develop the device. This fascinating book provides the answers to many questions about the E-cat, and should be read by all sceptics. Brian Josephson

    Be should bet on how long his comment takes to be erased... or not.

    this comment is quite hasty, and he have made much better essay, beside inventing Josephson Junction.

    His vision of what should do science for judged impossible is well described in his presentation :
    Pathological Disbelief

    I have to admit that beside LENR (which is solid science), i don't support much of his claim, but I won't be surprised to be wrong in my skepticism, at least a little.

    This presentation is really Great on it's historical side, on Cold Fusion history, remind how consensus can be catastrophically wrong for decades.

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