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    There is a call for help on, the site of OpenPower Association of Ugo Abundo

  • To be honest, with so little publicly available information and data about what the Open Power Association are doing exactly, I don't think many people will feel compelled to donate. If only paying members have access to those, it's not really "open source".

  • On stage, Mr. Open Power Association, Ugo Abundo:

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    Suggestion: Bring a cup of coffee before settling in your armchair!
    Are we impressed?

  • The vast majority of breakthrough technologies is enthusiastic at his own expense, without any "donations" from the outside. And various bad people love to organize funds and pyramid. Hiding behind the lofty phrases of care "around the world", under the guise of appointing themselves high salaries that they earn their livelihood in the first place. It is possible that even perepadet researchers - crumbs, and not the fact.

    Do you want to do? Do! You do not need to inquire handouts in the form of funding. Money for the last place, the main thing - the process itself.

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