An Impossible Invention : about early Rossi's history

  • I have received the book of Mats Lewan "An Impossible Invention" and I have read the first chapters on Rossi's youth and previous to LENR business.

    Those chapters are very interesting as they draw a coherent vision of the Petroldragon and the Seebeck converters stories.

    For example I learned that the trouble with petroldragon started very early in 1987, when law passed that was declaring that any product of waste (like his bio-fuel) was a waste and needed a permit . However he continued his projects and in 1990 he bought the Omar refinery to transform his "crude bio-fuel" into refined bio-fuel. In 1994-1995 rossi was pursued because he was treating wastes without a permit.
    the legal trick was that the new laws was declaring that any product of waste treatment, especially anything that could be burned as fuel, could not be treated as a fuel but as a waste requiring special treatment.

    So there is no doubt that there was no fuel in Omar refinery, since all the bio-fuel was legally a waste.

    What is more surprising is the cost of the waste remediation which was huge, with I noticed from some newspaper article, some sabotage that would only profit the cleaning companies... known to be related to Mafia.

    Mats also remind us that there was no internet to allow independent news, and that when at that time, like for cold fusion, if few influential newspapers decided to kill you, you were dead.

    He report also the content of some accusation against Rossi about gold smuggling, which was based on nothing because papers were right he said.

    About the thermoelectric converters, it was a group work with LTI. The 100W power was measured at University of Manchester.
    Later it was not a factory, but his house in Manchester which burned. it burned his notes, which forced him to ask other companie to develop a simpler version.

    Finally his only sentence was related to the bankruptcy.
    He passed less than 6 month in (pre-trial) prison in the 90s, but about 1 year in 2000-2001, which allowed him to develop his LENR research...

    the story is more coherent than what i reconstituted from various sources, and raise many factual errors by Wikipravda and the skeptics, while matching the key data they use to accuse him of fraud...

    You can accept Rossi's version or not, but rossi have a coherent story , unlike most of the skeptics one.

  • About history, someone on 22passi found that book


    Incenerimento dei rifiuti e depurazione dei fumidi
    Andrea Rossi - Tecniche Nuove - 1989

    "Incineration of waste and cleaning of smokes" by Andrea Rossi

    see too previous edition 1980
    Incenerimento dei rifiuti e depurazione dei fumi - Tecniche Nuove - 1980

    and other source…e-dei-fumi/9788870810400/
    vy Tecniche Nuove Vr 708

    an answer to those who claim that he was not in real industry.

  • On Rossi's website one word gives the story away: "retroactively".

    "retroactively, from a certain point in time onwards all secondary materials similar to those obtained and used by Petroldragon’s processes were declared to be toxic waste".

    It is a vicious habit; in Italy some of the laws that are passed, especially where economic results are expected from the law itself, they are passed with 'retroactive' validity. This means that if someone did something perfectly legal until today, and today the 'retroactive' norm outlawing that activity was passed, the entity engaged in that activity perfectly legal until today, technically, today, becomes a criminal.