Rossi: “All the [Energy] Sources Must be Integrated Otherwise LENR will be Killed”

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    [feedquote='E-Cat World','']For years now, when asked whether he thought that the E-Cat would revolutionize the energy industry and supersede other energy sources and technology, Andrea Rossi has said something like “all energy sources will be integrated”. I have often wondered why he would keep saying such a thing when to me it seems that the purpose […][/feedquote]

  • Certainly the E-Cat already is integrated with the Source of Energy that we call Electricity and as soon as this connection has been broken the result has invariably been that the E-Cat has been Killed. Only a chain of miracles or the eradication of this particular cat species can change that. (According to my humble opinion.)

  • Usually, other people's work is criticized by those who themselves can not do anything. In this way, they increase their own importance.
    Or competitors.
    Powered him or not - is not the question. Repeat, and then criticize.

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    Many innovation are slowed or even blocked by big corps, not because it is new, but because those organisation don't see how to adapt their own model.
    Another problem is that if no big corp try to embrace the new idea, it often die.

    What people imagie is that big corps will actively oppose new technology, like ludites, like taxi agains Uber. It is not so common in freemarket (workers union are more in that logic), but what is common is simply passive reaction of developing the old technology, under the old business model, and let others with that strange new model...

    Philippe Silberzahn, like LENr-Cities, have nice papers on that subject.

    Kodak and Fujifilm are good example of that problem.
    Kodak invented digital camera, make technology watch on it, have seen it develop, and anyway keep it's cash cow with fils, pushing an hybrid technology APS to try to satisfy it's old model with new technology.

    Fujifilm reacted differently. they developed a digital photography product line, but mostly reaevaluated their own competence seeing that they were good in chemistry, in thin films, and develope business to business product in that domain.

    For LENR the oil companies should embrace LENR and see in what they are competent.
    Why not moving to chemistry, syn fuel, mining exploration, international negotiations, logistic, water treatments.

    Electric grid company will have bigger problems, but why not moving to selling microgrid (block/district scale), while electric product industrialists should also provide nanogrid (building/house scale) solutions.

    It is important for big incumbent industry to embrace and exploit LENR, not to try to save their cash cow.

    I don't think Rossi is sincere with that "integration". LENr will integrate with other technology like steam and sail. there will be some parallel exploitation, but quickly it will kill all previosu technology.
    however the companies who sell old technology, can exploit LENR to stay alive in a changing landscape.

    don't oppose and delay, but embrace and accelerate.