Richtopia: Tom Darden & Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR)

  • On Richtopia an article by Derin Cag (founder of Richtopia) about Tom darden, and his LENR efforts is featured.
    The article start with a favorable portrait of an entrepreneur invested in green business, benefiting of a good network.
    It then explain that he support LENR energy, an "outlandish and risky technology".


  • Frank Acland has commented on the article:


    The photos here are of the wrong Tom Darden. These show Cherokee CEO Tom Darden's son of the same name, who is the Executive Director of Make It Right foundation.

    Maybe he can help daddy to Make It Right. :)

  • Certainly giving money to a convicted criminal (Rossi) who has never accomplished anything except to defraud and make specious claims is both outlandish and risky. But no worries. Poppa Darden is only using other people's money.

    Dr. Josephson may wish to explain why Dr. Levi's liquid flow calorimetry experiment with an ecat at near room temperature was never repeated and never properly calibrated. It was much simpler to characterize than Rossi's nonsensical megawatt plants or silly tube furnace hot cats. And it gave way more power (15-20kW steady state, 130kW peak) while providing a superior output/input power ratio ("COP") of around 180+ ( 15kW/80W )-- see the report linked below. And this was stable for 18 hours from a device the size of a tennis ball with no fresh fuel! He did not reply to Dr. Josephson's emails to him about it. Shouldn't that spectacular achievement have produced a Nobel prize winning experiment by now, proving cold fusion without the slightest doubt? Instead, in more than four years, Levi can not even be interviewed about it. The Swedish scientists who supposedly proved cold fusion with the hot cat can not be interviewed about it. Is this really how such a discovery progresses? Since 2011? If it's real, Dr. Josephson?

    Here is that amazing experiment link again:…energi/article3108242.ece

    How easily we forget extravagant claims and supposed results that were never confirmed. Were they real, such a lack of confirmation, replication and verification in more than four years would be unthinkable, would it not, Dr. Josephson? The reason I am seemingly hassling you with this is that you of all people should know how a great discovery progresses to useful tools and devices. You made an outstanding one and I bet that four years after you or someone else reduced it to practice, it was not being tested for a year by one individual in a ship container at an unspecified site belonging to an anonymous "customer". Am I right?

    Meanwhile. I am still working on getting my FOIA request done to find out what Rossi did or did not have relative to an efficient thermoelectric converter prototype which he peddled to the military in and around the early 2000's. I am still convinced this was fraud. I am told I should have the report this week. We will see...

  • Hi Mary Yugo,


    Rossi, Rossi, Rossi… on and on, over and over… Rossi, Rossi, Rossi...

    I'd love to hear your opinions of each of the other 'players' in the field.

    Please refer to the Ecosystem for LENR at:!ecosystem/ckvr

    Graphic presents the comprehensive Ecosytem for LENR, with the abridged business satellite directing to the full Business Sub-Ecosystem diagram.

    The field is huge. Its application for a worldwide second 'Age of Enlightenment' requires forward thinking, which has been occurring for quite some time.

    Here is just one example:

    Breakthrough Power: How Quantum-Leap New Energy Inventions Can Transform Our World.

    The authors make the appeal for a “tidal wave of wisdom” and the concurrent evolution of energy technology and human consciousness as foundations for a new era on planet Earth.

  • GBG, are you sure you got the correct link?

    You are pointing at an obituary notice for Gene Mallove written by Stephen Kaplan. Even apart from that, it is a strange argument for LENR, or should I say Cold Fusion. Nobody can know, had he been alive today it is possible that he had given up on CF long ago.

  • Gee, Gregory, I was responding to an article specifically about Darden's involvement with Rossi. So in doing this, I should not mention Rossi? Is Rossi becoming increasingly disreputable with you? That'd be something new.

    PS: I find the Lenria diagram interesting since it includes every "involvement" except maybe by God. And of course, there is nothing about accomplishments. When it comes to high power LENR, all those folks in the diagrams have are claims. Or do you know of someone who proved high power LENR? If so, please give us the benefit of your wisdom and point us to it. Properly calibrated and replicated independently, of course.

  • The links to the businesses are there. The claims can be found in the various patents both granted (properly calibrated and replicated, of course) and pending. Also, as an expert in this field, you know that high density power has been claimed,replicated and independently tested all over the place.

    I agree with you that the field is much more than Rossi and "interesting since it includes every "involvement" except maybe by God".

    By the by, Rossi has an operating thermal plant as claimed.


  • Quote

    By the by, Rossi has an operating thermal plant as claimed.

    And how do you know tHAT? And how do you know that it is LENR rather than a simple electric heater powered by that humongous 440V 3 phase connection that is illustrated in Rossi's photos?

  • Everyone is giving Rossi the enefit of the doubt. He has done nothing to deserve this trust.
    I think the simplest solution for explaining the poor performance by the Swedes and Levi is that the were unduly influenced by Rossi. He may have mastered hypnotic techniques and selected only those who seemed 'most suggestible'.

    Levi was either duped or is a co-conspirator. I believe in the former.

  • Brian, I feel totally mesmerized by these marvelous news from Rossi:

    fedir mykhaylov
    February 1st, 2016 at 1:20 PM


    Hello, Mr. Rossi. I would like to ask the following question: Was there an updated analysis of the ash of spent fuel? He confirmed the phenomenon of isotopic shift of nickel to 62 ?. Are there any plans to reprocess spent fuel, sales of nickel isotope 62 for use in the battery Nickel betavoltaiks 63.

    Andrea Rossi
    February 1st, 2016 at 6:19 PM


    Fedir Mykhaylov:
    1- yes
    2- yes
    3- yes
    Warm Regards,

    What about you?

  • Meanwhile. I am still working on getting my FOIA request done... I am told I should have the report this week. We will see...

    "This week" eh? Long week...

    Possibly it has been received already, yet you prefer to suppress it, because it doesn't fit your unique narrative, à la Gary Wright?

    Or possibly you won't be around here long enough to publish it? Two strikes already by my count... Although maybe that's the plan, to save face?