Is NicHenergy (Francesco Piantelli) Close to Commercializing Technology ?

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    Energycatalyzer3 published early january an article about Nichenergy, the company of Francesco Piantelli, who just have rebuild their website.
    The website contain some of Nichenergy's claimed achievement, "upscaling from watts to kW", "devices that can be triggered without outside power input", patents.
    Henny suspect some "serious funding".


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    From June 2012:…lop-prototype-lenr-device

    Professor Piantelli is so confident in his device that he is planning to sell shares in a company called Metalenergy. Metalenergy will raise money finance research at Piantelli’s existing company nicHenergy. The money will be used to fund a laboratory that will develop generators. No website for Metal Energy currently exists. nicHenergy has a very limited site up which provides no details.

    A friend of Piantelli Roy Virgilio released a statement that indicates construction on either generators or the laboratory has begun. Investors will be paid dividends based on the profit from the sale of the generators or licenses for the technology. The generators will first be sold in Europe.

    Virgilio stated that the generators will be in the 100 watt to seven kilowatt range. He didn’t specify whether this indicates watts of heat or electricity. Virgilio stated that Piantelli thinks he has mastery of the phenomenon. He also stated that Piantelli is working with unknown associates. These associates could be members of the Cold Fusion Energy Inc. consortium which also includes Peter Hagelstein at MIT and George Miey..

    Shares in Metalenergy will cost between €100 and €1000 Euros ($125.45 to $1254.5 US). Virgilio didn’t say how people could buy the shares or if non-Italians would be able to invest in the company. Piantelli would like to raise between €50,000 and €100,000 for his work although I have a feeling he’d welcome more. The nature of the shares or the powers they would give to shareholders are not specified here

    Looking on Nichenergy's new site today, 3 1/2 years later, they admit to the difficulties of developing a commercial product:

    Today it is known that the replication problem is the complexity of the phenomena, their overlapping and the high number of parameters identified so far (22); among them stand out in particular the sample composition and morphology. Multidisciplinary knowledge is needed for this research.

    So something obviously happened along their path to commercialization. My take is that they are still stuck at LENR, and LENR+, with it's subsequent commercialization, is still a ways off.

  • Piantelli has been making unsubstantiated claims for at least a decade or more if memory serves. Where is independent replication? What are the power measurements and how were they made? I think it's either fraud or wishful thinking fantasy... as usual, Shane.

    I never understand why anyone claims you have to have a commercial product to prove that LENR+, as Shane calls high power LENR, is real. You don't. All you need are the good experiments and tests, properly verified and replicated. You know, Shane, the "for sure" tests the proponents like Rossi never have.

  • Wait and see, Shane. Nothing will come of this like nothing credible came from Rossi or Defkalion or for that matter Brillouin, Miley, Nanospire and Swartz. It's claims and nothing else. And we all know what claims are worth. Unless you're a dumb investor.

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    People from MFMP and LENr-Cities have met Piantelli & his team.

    The only reported problem was tendency to secrecy which oppose both models, not absence of evidence.

    Anyway I agree, that for Rossi, like Piantelli, Brillouin, but also solar panel industry, HTSC research, biotech, and autonomous cars, there is a high tendency to overestimate the maturity, readyness and the performance of developed technology.

    As people in innovation know, for banal innovation, it takes 5 years from first promising prototype that is "ready to enter the market in 6 month, sure a swear on it", to reach the market.

    Rossi is just on time if he delivers end of 2016... We can safely give him few years since LENR face huge irrational delusion, absence of theory, a huge pile of wicked problems and business and sociological challenges.

    His E-cat 1MW remind me Windows 1.0 (I tested it... and loved windows 2.0).

    Piantelli have something too, which is convincing for people who saw it, but which is mostly secret.
    I don't think it is the best way to manage innovation.