Forum Rules

  • Dear user

    Caused by the growing community it was necessary to lay down a few forum rules which every user has to follow from now on.
    For the most of us the following rules will be obvious and trivial.
    Unfortunately recent experiences showed us (the LENR Forum Team) that a critical amount of users are not respecting these rules, and thereby are disturbing the good forum climate and mood.

    Therefore we layed down these rules. A violation will be treated regarding the specific severity of the violation.

    • Watch your words! We don't tolerate any aggressive or insulting language. Respect your discussion partners, even when they don't share your opinion!
      A violation of this rule will cause a warning of the specific user (see section "warnings" for more information).
      A deletion of the regarding content is possible (without any further preannouncement).

    • Criticism and skepticism is good, as long as it is constructive! If we get the impression that you just want to annoy other users by aggressively repeating your criticism or trolling, we will intervene.
      A violation of this rule will lead to a warning of the regarding user.
    • Don't talk about off-topic issues in a thread covering a specific topic. If you want to talk about topics unrelated to the currenct discussed topic, please look for a fitting sub-forum on the Board-List page or use the Off-Topic Talk sub-forum and create a new thread there.
      Off-topic postings will either be deleted or moved and appended to a better fitting thread.
    • Avoid double postings. If you post the same text multiple times (regardless of whether in the same thread or in multiple different threads) we will reserve to delete the double content or, when this is done massivly (also called flooding), will ban the regarding user.
      Depending on the severity of the rule violation, the regarding user will either politely pointed out about his mistake, warned, or, in exceptional cases (like flooding), the user will be banned without any preannouncement.

    Each violation of this rules can lead to a warning. This is related to the severity of the violation.
    After receiving three (3) warnings the user account will be banned (locked) for at least one (1) year.

    Users which flood the forum with inappropriate content (e.g. spam) will be banned immediately.

    Report rule violating content

    When you think you found some violating content, you are able to report this content to the moderation team.
    Below each posting is a small button bar which contains a "warning sign". It gives you the possibility to report such content. One of the moderators will care about the report.