MFMP: What do they want to tell us?

  • What do you think it might be about? 16

    1. Linked to report from Rossi - running for a year (1) 6%
    2. Advertising of an new players in our field (1) 6%
    3. Excess heat from successful replication (14) 88%

    MFMP trying to tease us!
    Yesterday they sent out a cryptic message.

    From MFMP Facebook page


    The Cookbook ice in the signal ...
    Prepare >>>> The End of the Carbon Age is Nigh
    Thankyou to all Those That Helped Us

    A few hours later.



    There is a rumor That somepeople havealready seen the report on the yearlong test. Maybe news has leaked out.



    This Could be more important issue than the results



    PLEEEASE Bob, give us more information! Is it something from MFMP's side or is it Regarding Rossi's 1 MW plant report? Thanks for all the hard work you guys put into the MFMP !!




    It sounds like we will know soon!

  • I have been entertained by a researcher who makes a strong case that there is a lot of politics that has badly distorted our models of Reality.
    For me first prize would be the correction of these aberrations of our lens.
    Not that the end of fossil fuel is a trivial matter, but that a door opening to a deeper understanding may lift us out of our sacred womb at the bottom of this gravity well.

  • (vote) None of the above!

    MFMP have been experimenting with passing musical frequencies through the coil for the first time.

    I think the 'Cookbook' is Norman Cook's 'Extended Mossbauer Theory'

    Why does he posit this theory? What observations does it help explain?

    What other signals could MFMP have seen?...

  • Re the 'quasion' (sic) "There is a rumor That somepeople havealready seen the report on the yearlong test. Maybe news has leaked out.", the information has been around for a some days: see https://animpossibleinvention.…tt-e-cat-trial-completed/


    "To be clear, the report from the one-year trial, which
    has been controlled by a major independent third party certification
    institute, will be released only in about a month, and until then no
    official information is provided on the test result. However, multiple
    sources have told me that the test has been successful."

  • If you wear your tin foil hat, the signal is very clear.

    Alumium may protect some and signal are lost..

    Btw wikipedia write about that secret song: is at a specific resonance frequency which depends on the strength of the magnetic field and the magnetic properties of the isotope of
    the atoms..

    I say try some voices which mouse likes..

  • A wild guess: it will have something to with the following:

    The last mystery to be revealed - the triggering and stimulation mechanism of LENR.

    Just repeating some interesting findings posted earlier:

    1. Brilliouin - electrical stimulation with "Q-pulse" of their Ni-H reactor (!)
    Ref. Mckubre stated on Brillouin: "The fact that the Q pulse input is capable of triggering the excess power on and off is also highly significant.”

    2. Swartz - paper on test of magnetic fields:
    "Astonishingly, it has now been discovered that high intensity, dynamic, repeatedly fraction- ated, magnetic fields have an incremental major, significant and unique, complex, metachronous amplification effect on the preloaded NANOR⃝R -type LANR device""H-field pulse sequence was delivered (dH/dt ∼1.5 T with 0.1 ms rise time × 1000–5000 pulse"

    Ref .

    3. Lugano report:

    "The heat generating process is initiated by heat from resistor coils around the reactor tube. In addition, the resistor coils are fed with some specific electromagnetic pulses

    4. Rossi: Is the "mouse"some kind of electromagnetic stimulation..?

    Rossi patent: patent claims include "reinvigorating" reaction by "varying" a voltage source.

    Which could mean varying AC voltage with some high frequency (at what Herz?), and thereby creating some extra stimulating magnetic fields....for "reinvigorating" the core.....
    I've tried several times to Ask Rossi on stimulation, but he allways says "no comment" or "confidential"

    5. Piantelli patents:

    "........impulsive trigger action consists of supplying an energy pulse"

    ".....trigger means (61 ,62,67) for creating an impulsive action (140) on said active core (18), said impulsively action (140) suitable for causing......"

    " impulsive application of a package of electromagnetic fields, in particular said fields selected from the group comprised of: a radiofrequency pulse whose frequency is larger than 1 kHz; X rays; v rays; an electrostriction impulse that is generated by an impulsive electric current that flows through an electrostrictive portion of said active core...."

    "- an electric voltage impulse that is applied between two points of a piezoelectric portion of said active core; an impulsive magnetostriction that is generated by a magnetic field pulse along said active core which has a magnetostrictive portion."

    "Such impulsive triggering action generates lattice vibrations, i.e. phonons..."

    6. Laser stimulation: A paper on Hagelstein optical phonon theory. Successful THz optical phonon stimulation in deuterated Pd.

    7. Focardi on stimulation Nickel- hydrogen system
    "After several loading cycles, the sample was ready and it was possible to trigger the exothermic process. Such an operation can be performed by lowering the input power, waiting for the sample temperature to decrease down to about 300 K, then suddenly restoring the previous power level. After this operation an increased equilibrium temperature, as shown in fig. 4, is obtained: the cell is producing an excess heat. Another way to trigger the process is to provoke a pressure step-like variation, as shown in fig. 5. After the triggering procedure, the production of excess heat is maintained for months ."

    8. "Inductive resonance" , " RF emissions"
    "....Experiments performed in November took over 400 hours before exhibiting excess energy, and confirmed the importance of inductive resonance. From the new data, what SKINR has further gleaned about the excess heat effect includes: RF emission is an indication of resonance in cath- odes; surface contaminants are important as well as surface morphology as measured by Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) and analyzed by Power Spectral Density Function (PSDF); unstable and increasing voltage and unstable cathode resistance are seen during excess heat events; acoustic triggering seems relevant; there is no activation of materials in electro- chemical cells. The team’s electrochemist is currently focused on what is causing the resonances and the increase in cell voltage. "


    9. This was interesting. Comparison RF stimulation with magnetism and electrochemical stimulation in same cells (wet Pd-D system)
    "Two other frequencies, viz., 533.688 MHz and 81.924 MHz were also found to trigger exothermic effects in deuterated palladium. The heating effect only occurred during the stated frequencies and disappeared at other frequencies. Also, such a heating effect was not observed in a H2O system.

    "After the cathode had been charged with deuterium for 48 hours at a current of 80 mA, the cell was placed in the field of a permanent magnet with 200 Gauss strength. 230 seconds after the placement, the cell electrolyte temperature rose to 5°C (Fig. 3.). After 576 seconds, the magnet was replaced by two one-inch Neodymium magnets with a 800 Gauss field. It was placed as decribed earlier. The temperature immediately started increasing and reached 13.5°C in about 15 minutes and remained constant. The temperature returned to 3.5°C when the magnet was removed. "

    "excess heat was manifest within two days after High-Low current pulsing mode was started "

    My syggestions is to try induce an RF frequency into Ni-H lattice....

    The frequency, ν, is required to resonate and induce spin transitions in a neutron, proton or a deuterium nucleus (NMR Frequency) in a magnetic field of Η. It is given by the equation (16):


    ν was calculated as 81.924 MHz for deuterium, 365.608 MHz for neutron and 533.688 MHz for proton. Thus, the exothermic effect observed at these specific frequencies may be related to spin orientations, occuring within the deuterium nucleus in the PdD lattice. Why is not clear....

    It is interesting that the excess heat, caused by RF stimulation, reaches a maximum value and, after a certain time, falls to zero. A possible explanation is that the RF stimulates only the deuterium nucleus at the near surface of Pd. It is well known that, due to the 'skin effect,' high frequency alternating currents are felt only up to a certain depth (called 'skin depth')

    Ref. Bockris

    Mckubre et. al paper: