Implications of Signal, Seeing into the Cat with X-Rays - Video from MFMP

  • Making non-nuclear radiation is easy.

    The XRF sitting beside me right now has a 4W tube using only 200 µA and makes just over 1 million Counts Per Second of 50 keV peak Bremsstrahlung.
    The x-ray tube itself is about the size of half a finger, plus a fatter Peltier cooling part about two fingers wide.
    It does require high voltage, but that is stepped up from a 9.6V Lithium Ion battery the size of a chocolate bar that runs the device for 4 hours almost continuously. Most of that power is consumed running the cooler and the included Windows-based software and interface.

    How radiation might get made in the Glowstick is a bit more difficult to figure out.

  • Here's how to make X rays with a light bulb.

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  • I found a very interesting link to an excel sheet online.

    It contains the beta emission spectra for a very large number of Nuclei. Note this is I think the kinetic energy beta spectra not Bremsstrahlung spectra from the beta emissions. But includes EC as well as Beta emissions

    I thought it might be useful and interesting resource anyway. Here it is:

    I suppose it might be possible to derive the Inner Bremsstrahlung emission curve from these beta emission curves somehow.

    (I found it originally in this link on research gate…gy_spectrum_of_beta_decay )

    I'm quite curious if Inner Bremsstrahlung emissions based on one of these curves or possibly some combination of them can lead to the apparent X-ray spectra observed in Spectra 7.