Zhang Hangcheng reports replication of Songsheng experiment, done in January 2016...

  • Zhang Hansheng, in China Institute of Atomic Energy, (thanking guidance of Pr Songsheng Jiang), reports a successful replication.
    The report is quite short, but first observation shows an apparent coherent result.
    Experiments will continue.


  • A good translation of the report, and a careful analysis will be very useful to understand the value of that work.
    Anyway it seems many details are missing, and that it is just a progress report.

  • Very interesting result. But we could ask "Why an **abnormal** heat ?".
    In more than 26 years, there was thousands of positive results in cold fusion field.
    And this field becomes an industry.
    Then write "abnormal heat" in a report in this field becomes to reveal a weak confidence in this field and maintains the confidence in the standard model which is too limited.
    I invite researchers to write their reports with more confidence in their field of results.
    This small change could be a big step in the change of scientific and technical paradigm.

  • Google translate is here:


    I have to say, at first glance this looks better than Jiang in some ways. The internal thermocouple is cooler than the wall thermocouple at first, as it should be. After time 1400 it gets significantly hotter, as you see in Fig. 8. That would indicate anomalous heat.

    Google does not translate the text in Fig. 8 because it is an image. As Google more or less said, the Fig. 8 caption is "changes in relation between heating power and temperature." The text in this figure is similar to Japanese so let me just translate it:

    Y-axis: temperature °C / pressure bar / power, W
    X-axis: time, 30 minute [segments]

    In the graph, from top to bottom:

    Top left:
    2016 January 18-19
    Dat 0149
    reactor #4 (2)

    Top right:
    Anomalous heat: ~100 W, 1295°C

    150 minutes

    Text box:

    Red dots: [Some sort of??] reactor: reactor internal temperature thermocouple
    Blue dots: [Some sort of??] reactor: reactor wall temperature thermocouple [As Google notes, this is between the container and the furnace]
    Green dots: Pressure x 10
    Purple dots: Power x 0.1

    [The only words I cannot read describe the reactor.]

    Here is a rough translation of Fig. 8. I am reading it in Japanese but words like this are pretty much the same in both languages:


    Let me try inserting the image here:

    Hmmm . . . I don't see it, but anyway, click on the link to see it.

  • @JedRothwell
    Shouldn't the inside (here the reactor tube outer) become hotter than the outside (inside the heater coils, but outside the apparatus) once thermal equilibrium sets in?
    (It does in all my tests. See pretty much every MFMP hot tube experiment also.)
    Essentially the inner cylinder is inside of a hemispherical reflector or emitter, where the normal rays from the inside of the outer diameter converge towards the smaller inside diameter.
    BTW, there is no sign that this test ever did reach thermal equilibrium, except maybe when the inside is hotter than the outside, the "excess" part.
    The temperature is always on a curve except where the excess is supposed to be happening.
    The inside temp just starts to overtake the outside where the temperature increase begins to level off during the first ramp.