Open Power Association : HEE

  • Open Power Association, known for Hydrobetratron experiments, and having recently applied for an Italian patent, publishes in english the description of their project to develop a LENR reactor called “HEE”, Heat – Electricity – Extractor,"Clean energy source, inexhaustible and inexpensive".
    This technology looks very different from usual LENR, as it involves alpha and beta radiation, in some sort of chain reaction, initiated by americium and using Beryllium and Lithium...
    They propose some kind of licence and partnership to those who invest today.


  • Nice, the first real LENR alternative to E-cat - the other way of fission of stable light isotopes like lithium. Instead of the induction of fission by proton in E-cat - the induction by alpha particles from radioactive element. It looks more safe than another way of induction of lithium fission by neutron radioactive source (what actually happens in thermonuclear explosion).

  • When we replace certain elements (for example neutron gun) it is not so different from other LENR experiments in my opinion.
    They just replaced transition material that can generate neutrons by a neutron gun. So you do not have to tinker with the fuel preparation too much. It just must work. Lithium can capture neutrons quite well.