Industrial Heat Makes Statement Regarding LENR Industry Developments

  • Just a short time ago, [lexicon]IH[/lexicon] applied for their own patent based on the Lugano test results.


    I've been looking at the patents applied for by Rossi alone, and those with Rossi/[lexicon]IH[/lexicon]. Passerini, over on his "22Passi" forum, made a chronological list of patents the other day (Alain copied it here), to make his case that Rossi is going it alone now. I agree, as the patents with [lexicon]IH[/lexicon] as co-applicant seem to be describing the Hotcats from the Ferrara and Lugano tests. The latest patent activity this Feb. was only to resubmit (no change in language) an earlier USPTO app.

    Perhaps [lexicon]IH[/lexicon] has the IP rights to the Hotcat, and Rossi the Ecat? When [lexicon]IH[/lexicon] joined Rossi, they may have mistakenly considered the two as "one and the same" for IP purposes -hence their announcement of buying the Ecat IP rights, only to find they were different from each other? Maybe not technology wise, but just enough operational difference to differentiate them for IP purposes. That would account for Rossi's recent public, and forceful comments reaffirming he owns all Ecat IP rights.

    Behind the scenes, this may be a real legal mess.

  • If this is really the Robert Godes of Brillouin, he had an interesting comment on ECW that may shed a little light on the issue. No guarantees his "reading between the lines" is any better than ours, but being one of the LENR+ players, perhaps he has some insider info:

    "It is important to read between the lines. I suspect one of the most important statements is "any claims made about technologies in our portfolio should only be relied upon if affirmed by [lexicon]Industrial Heat[/lexicon] and backed by reputable third parties who have verified our results in repeated experiments." IE people should learn to ignore statements put out directly by Rossi.In response to some of the replies...I intended the bit of "statements put out directly by Rossi" mostly in regards to the market readiness of his "products".

  • This way is sadly quite common for journalists today, especially those defending "moral" subjects.

    The deconstruction is interesting, and the naivety relative to academic remind me some naivety relative to corporate.

    The worst insult I could send to journalism is that Steven krivit is quite above average compared to some journalists, some making document that are pushed on state TV in france, and which finally are reference for the opinion.
    He does not lie, he bent, filter, interpret. Some reference journal publish clearly refuted assertion, that they never correct.

    One similar example is the work of Sveriges Radio, Sylvie Coyaud (which was their main source, and who work for La Republica).

    See how Nature and Science supported refuted papers and rejected corrections.

    Sadly he is above average.

  • See July 2008 article in regard to Krivit's accuracy and motives.

    Dr. Josephson,

    Thank you. So it appears Krivit's has been practicing, and perfecting his style of smear journalism quite a while. I knew about Rossi of course, but you...well no reason for that. The guy has some issues obviously. I would hope going forward those involved in LENR would refuse to deal with him. LENR has enough trouble as it is without the likes of him.

  • So there seems to be the possiblity that [lexicon]IH[/lexicon] tried to pull Rossi over the barrel by letting him work for [lexicon]IH[/lexicon] and issue the patent applications under the name of [lexicon]IH[/lexicon]? So when the patent is accepted, it's [lexicon]IH[/lexicon]'s IP, not Rossi's...


    That would be one scenario. Another would be Rossi lead them to believe they had bought rights to the Ecat, but once their$12 mil transferred to Rossi's bank, found they only had bought "some rights" to the HotCat, or "Ecat-HT", as it is referred to on the official Leonardo website "". Classic "bait and switch".

    Whatever though, something DID happen between the two as neither seems too thrilled with each other right now.