Miley's patents and a heating coil patent assigned to IHL Holdings Limited. Is It Industrial Heat or Not? (YES)

  • On Cobraf, Nevalina found a recent patent assignation change, where a portfolio of LENR patent from George Miley/Lenuco and one patent for heating coil have been transferred to IHL Holdings limited, Jersey. Question is if it is one of Industrial Heat holdings ? of just a similar IP holding? Finally Omega Z found the mailbox of Industrial heat in IHL patent assignments.


  • If that is true, [lexicon]IH[/lexicon] selected a good partner in Dr. Miley and his team. Miley has always confounded the skeps, as he has a very good, mainstream Nuclear Physics background, as does Storms, yet has committed he and his team to LENR, after having done the work, and seen the positive results.

    They can't fit him so easily into the "dumb as a rock" box ;) , as they have most others claiming LENR+. He has no weakness they can exploit in their ongoing quest to marginalize anyone associated with LENR, other than his age...And that they do! "Old and past his prime", "Delusions of an old man" they claim.

    At the NETS (Nuclear and Emerging Technologies for Space) conference -partly sponsored by NASA, 1 year ago here in the states, Dr. Miley's team made some pretty remarkable claims. 22Passi covered it:…-lunatici-della-nasa.html

  • There is no doubt the patents have been assigned to IHL Holdings.(the date 2012 seems an error? it is Lenuco LLC creation?)
    EDIT -> BUT IS IT [lexicon]Industrial Heat[/lexicon] of Tom Darden&al ? (Maybe I screw up assuming IHL is [lexicon]IH[/lexicon])

    What is more fascinating is that those patents propose many treatments, and technologies that seems to be key to the E-cat.
    Treatments for the powder, coils manufacturing.

    one mystery for me is "Hydrogen/hydrogen peroxide fuel cell ", but maybe IHL just acquired a portfolio.
    The "Apparatus and methods for controlling charged particles " looks useless for [lexicon]IH[/lexicon]...
    But who knows?

  • For those who may not know, Jersey, along with the islands of Geurnsey and Sark is a UK protectorate. Not actually a part of the UK's tax system but UK in most other ways. It is a famously 'tax efficient' place to set up a company. The IHL company address is actually that of a company formation agent and 'brass-plate' legal head office facility there.
    As for the patents, it looks like Miley just transferred all he had, plus the fluff in his pockets to an [lexicon]IH[/lexicon] subsidiary. The similarity of the names and the area of interest is beyond coincidence- but for a few dollars you can buy more details online.

  • <a href="">@AlainCo</a>: Are you sure that <a href="">[lexicon]IH[/lexicon]</a><span style="color: #FF0000"><b>L</b></span> Holdings Limited is the same or related to <a href="">[lexicon]IH[/lexicon]</a> Holdings <span style="color: #FF0000"><b>International</b></span> Limited?

    Right, I missed this detail IHL Holdings and not [lexicon]IH[/lexicon] Holdings Ltd...
    I was too happy to confirm with raleigh attorney, and UK again

    maybe I screw up BIG :/
    I have to check, and rename the news

  • I found the registration record of IHL…NameDetail.aspx?Id=308139


    Registration number:119898
    Registration date:04-Nov-2015

    the date or registration is very recent, not far from the date of cheap shares allocations by [lexicon]IH[/lexicon] International Holdings

    Nothing sure, but not improbable.
    -> same time range
    -> same Raleigh zone
    -> same technology
    -> similar name

    anyway this is maybe not [lexicon]industrial Heat[/lexicon] but an investor who created a holdings in november 2015.

  • Daniele Passerini made an article in Italian on that subject,

    EDIT: here is the link…ioenergy-waiting-for.html

    The last published document from [lexicon]IH[/lexicon] Holdings concerned sharesof IHL Holding, given to pay for shares of [lexicon]IH[/lexicon] Holdings Interna... A strange exchange, valued 25M$ at the price of Woodford investment .

    Daniele then speculate about Ineos Holdings Limited, or why not [lexicon]IH[/lexicon]+Leonardo juxtaposition.
    He found another company at the same adress as IHL Holdings, Ineos Enterprises Group Holdings...
    Ineos have some project to make biofuel from waste...

    Many speculations...

  • Hi Alain. You mentioned Ineos Holdings above- Ineos is a Petrochemical/Chemical company mainly- a very large one- based in the UK. The address thing means little- it is that of a shared company 'head office' address, probably that of a lawyer, merely a legal fiction and unlikely to be hosting any staff who actually work for either company. The Channel Islands are the natural home of Trusts and other tax-lite businesses.

  • @Alan Smith
    Yes, Daniele just speculate and as you say they may just share a mailbox hall.
    BTW I forgot the link…ioenergy-waiting-for.html

    Note that oil companies would rationally be the most interested in entering LENR, because and not despite they are losers.
    The strategy of LENR-Cities includes proposing an hedging/insurance scheme for "losers", so that they have access to LENR technology when it get public and endanger the bottom line.
    See how NTVA Tekna proposed to develop an hedging scheme for Norway and Statoil economic model...

    Oil industry (Shell, Statoil,Amoco,SAIPEM) , like industrial nuke&al (eg: framatome, Elforsk), and globally industry(Toyota,MHI, STM), have been among the rare supporters to LENR research.
    The oil baron blocking LENR research is a myth. Sure they will try to control it later so it fits their business model (big industry, grid, X-fuel instead of home apparatus and on-board energy), but they made their due diligence and unlike academic and other lemmings (CEA,CNRS,EDF) they did not menace LENR garage experimenters of excommunication.

  • Omega Z found that the mail address of Industrial Heat is given as Correspondent