Rossi: We received ERV’s Report - Very pleased with results!

  • @H-G Branzell: It is more important to which company/organization this guy is employed.

    Is it a well known and state trusted certification organization (like german "TÜV", don't know what's equivalent in the US), or is it a small unknown company? The latter would be a hard punch in our faces...

    I just hope that [lexicon]IH[/lexicon], with their business experience and professionalism, made a wise choice and took an organization which is serious and without any doubts (for their own safety as well).

  • Shane wrote:

    So it appears [lexicon]IH[/lexicon] is more than just another licensee, as Rossi mentions both he and them having received the report. And also that he: "hope's that [lexicon]IH[/lexicon] and I will be able to release the report in the near future". Good to see the two partnered still, but also that [lexicon]IH[/lexicon] has a larger role than speculated on lately.

    Shane, I think you are reading too much into this:
    (1) The "1 year test" was clearly set up when [lexicon]IH[/lexicon] was seeing Rossi as the saviour of mankind, and with some idea of testing his credentials. Quite how much of an idea we will perhaps discover if/when we see the report. So of course they get a copy.
    (2) [lexicon]IH[/lexicon] and Rossi recent comments have been exactly in line with Rossi going his own way.

    We will find out: if [lexicon]IH[/lexicon] trumpet the report (eventually) as proof positive of commercial LENR and state their plans for the commercial rollout we will know that the relationship is intact.

  • I think it would be wise to examine the contents of the report before any conclusions can be drawn in any direction. Everything else besides confirming of the successful operation of a 1MW LENR plant within an industrial environment with a COP greater than (lets say) 2 would be first a big disappointment and would secondly not stop but extremely harm the subject LENR. I hope Rossi, Vaughn and Darden of Leonardo, [lexicon]IH[/lexicon] and Cherokee are aware of the immense importance of this report for the future of LENR and that is not a PR debacle again, as in Lugano test!

  • Мы пойдем другим путем ? (

    Нефть - это кровь планеты, надо сделать модель планеты и мы получим генератор Тарасенко, эта энергия покорит вселенную! :lenr:

  • Dear Andrea Rossi and Colleagues,

    I am really happy about the positive results of such, extremely long, test.
    My CONGRATULATIONS to Andrea: he was the real winner of 27 years long battle.
    My opinion is that, if all will go "well", our world will change quite quickly.
    The direction of changing will depend on the "managing", in the very near future, such REVOLUTIONARY invention.

    Perhaps some of You know my opinion about managing disruptive technologies that can change the world and mankind. Such was the reason because I joined the Live Open Science (LOS) approach since the beginning (2012), as started from the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project group.
    BTW the LOS approach, because the very innovative phylosophy/procedures, was candidate 2 times (2014 and 2015) for the Nobel Prize for Peace, as "supported" both from very high level Professor at Vatican and a Senator of Italian Higher House.

    I hope that Andrea, after proper "private" advantages (i.e. extremly large amounts of money and Honors, to him and to the Company that gave the money) because such invention, will allow to share some of his results to other Scientist to avoid a new "oligarchy" of Energy, like the (very infamous) "Seven Sisters" situation in the 1900 (and up to now).
    I well know that it is no easy but now Andrea Rossi has to demonstrate to be even more brave of previous situations. He will be the ideal Candidate for Nobel Prize for Peace!
    According to the rules, the Selecting Board of Peace Nobel Prize (5 people in total, Norway citizen) has the right to suggest the candidature of a specific People/Organization even not officially presented by usual produres before February 1 of each year.

    Francesco CELANI
    (previous Vice-President of ISCMNS)

  • What Rossi, with the huge help of [lexicon]IH[/lexicon], will give all LENr scientist and humanity is not a working reactor, but the knowledge there is a working reactor.

    I remember of a novel by Asimov... I'll remake a similar story ...


    Cold war... one Soviet team see a secret video of NASA with an antigravity engine.
    They are fascinated and launch a program. No idea how it work, but they search.

    It takes years but they find something, they improve it, and after huge efforts they make a flying saucer, and create a revolution.

    Later they find that leaked NASA video was a fake to intoxicate USSR.

    I have no doubt there will be a dozen of family of LENR technology competing with Rossi, too much need to allow anyone to flood the markets, and that nobody will be able to lock any technology to anybody...And sure the best who will exploit LENR will be the poorests, without any unpaid help.

    LENR energy is a commodity, and if it will not be free like a beer, but free like speech.
    Big money will be made by the applications, and shared between the clients and the entrepreneurs, as usual, and the poorest if they are allowed will make the most of it, without any unpaid help.
    The first LENR car may be African... maybe not legal.

  • The world and mankind should be changed, new energy is necessary! But energy has to be free and simple for all! Rossi still means opened nothing and applications of many pseudo scholars help Rossi with it. It is necessary to consider cold nuclear synthesis and under another aspect sight, but not to take all program of Rossi in all good faith!

    Нефть - это кровь планеты, надо сделать модель планеты и мы получим генератор Тарасенко, эта энергия покорит вселенную! :lenr:

  • Dear Andrea Rossi and Colleagues,

    I am really happy about the positive results of such, extremely long, test.
    My <span style="color: #0000FF"><b>CONGRATULATIONS</b></span> to Andrea: he was the real winner of 27 years long battle.
    My opinion is that, if all will go &quot;well&quot;, our world will change…

    I do appriciate this comment of Professor Celani. This new invention of Dr. Rossi comes also with great responsibility. I hope AR and [lexicon]IH[/lexicon] will pick up this responsibility and introduce LENR into the world with care.

  • I hope this doesn't describe Fabio Penon, who did the first "successful" Hotcat "Independent Test" in July 2012? "Fabio Penon , M.Eng. (Nuclear Engineer, Product Certification Specialist)"…/09/105322688-Penon4-1.pd

    Rossi does have a tendency to stick with those he has worked with before. Not saying this is the guy (the ERV), but as soon as I saw this post, and recalling Lewans rumor about the tests ERV being with a major certification company, his name came to mind. He doesn't fit the description exactly, but with a little imagination he comes close. Hopefully not.

  • frankwtu,

    I say "hopefully not" because Penon, or anyone else previously involved with Rossi, would raise a red flag about neutrality. Not so much for me, but for those that assume prior affiliation with Rossi taints their judgement, and skews their objectivity. Having gotten to know him too well, believe in his product too much, to be truly independent. They may have a point.

    [lexicon]IH[/lexicon]'s recent announcement could also play into this concept of what is truly neutral, and what is not.

    There was also some mild controversy about the quality of Penon's report.

  • Nice to see you here @Francesco CELANI
    and welcome to LENR forum.

  • Dear Prof. Nygren,

    THANKS for the welcome and sorry to all, in advance, because my quite poor English Language ability.

    * Changing argument, just a little, I am really convinced that the "quality" and details that will be shared (ASAP!!!) about the 1 year test made by Andrea Rossi and Collaborators in USA will be, almost, the turning-point about large Excess-Heat generation.
    Obviously, it will not affect the so-called "controlled transmutation" experiments (e.g. the Yasuhiro Iwamura and Collaborators work in Japan since 1999).

    Francesco CELANI

  • dartin: As one oil producer has replied to the question"What will you do when LENR is confirmed and marketed?". "Why, I'll buy it to use it to extract oil more cheaply"