LENR Heat to Electric Conversion: A Better Alternative than Stirling Engines

  • The Rauen piston engines of Aesop Energy, LLC, may prove useful to those interested in using LENR to produce electricity.
    One or more LENR companies are developing Stirling engines, which almost certainly are high-tech designs, in order to be powerful and efficient.
    Still, they are Carnot limited and will have an actual efficiency below their Carnot efficiency. They also must reject heat as a waste product.
    Efficiency will undoubtedly be below 50% and may be much less. Rauen engines are not Carnot limited.
    The high temperatures developed by LENR will push the materials envelope to state-of-the-art, high-tech science & technology.
    High temperature Stirling engines will be expensive. The Stirling & heat generator combination will also require waste heat exchangers to dissipate unused heat.
    Where electric power is the goal, the use of Rauen Engines could streamline LENR development time and ultimate product costs.
    Rauen engines are low to medium tech and are likely to be less costly to manufacture.
    They may be no more expensive and need less R&D development time and materials to prove.
    No waste heat exchangers are necessary.
    Getting the heat into Rauen engines at elevated input temperatures, will be relatively easy.
    See aesopinstitute.org and scroll down to the Future 4 Cylinder Engine Design on Page 2.
    A variation of this patent pending engine may prove of great interest for LENR heat to electric conversion.
    This 4 cylinder engine design is likely to be prototyped later this year at the 1kW level. It is expected to scale to 100kW and more.
    A WHITE PAPER describing details of AESOP's Rauen engines is available with a signed NDA. Send a request: [email protected]
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    All Rauen engines modify the sacrosanct Second Law of Thermodynamics.
    See SECOND LAW SURPRISES (under MORE on the website) for discussion materials on that topic.