Aftenposten (Norway) : Is this [LENR] the solution to all our energy problems?

  • Aftenposten, a mainstream newspaper in Norway, is publishing on April 2nd another article on LENR, interviewing a PhD student Sindre Zeiner-Gundersen, who present an experimental device. The work by Svein Olafsson (Sindre's supervisor in Iceland) and Leif Holmlid is reminded.
    Another very similar article is published on April 4th.


  • The URL seems bad:…-future-fossilfree-Sweden

  • AESOP’S new science and technology can tap solar energy 24/7/365. Ordinary engines can be modified to end any need to burn fuel. Manufacturers can produce millions of engines that need no fuel, under license.

    A very rapid transition to renewable energy can not only help humans survive climate change, but will provide an urgently needed major boost to the economy - leading to extraordinary opportunities for new business and millions of new jobs! LENR is clearly one desirable alternative. Ordinary engines that can be modified to run without fuel are another. See my recent post about why AESOP's engines are a better alternative than Stirling engines for conversion of LENR heat into electricity. The engines used with LENR will not be conversions of existing engines, but a new 4 cylinder design specific to the task.

    After 9 years of work, Chris Hunter succeeded in converting a 1939 Ford engine. It ran without fuel at 1,300 rpm and proved the concept. He has now converted a second 4 cylinder Kia engine. When fitted with a custom alternator that can handle the power, it will be independently verified, validated and certified.

    Converted engines are sealed and filled with propane which serves as a refrigerant. Once spun up to speed by a starter, the propane cycles through a phase change from a liquid to a gas and back again to provide the needed temperature differential. Ambient heat (a huge untapped solar energy reservoir, that exceeds Earth’s fossil fuel potential) substitutes for fuel. Frost forms on the chilled engine exterior. For details, see Click on NO FUEL PISTON ENGINES and scroll down to pages 11-15.

    AESOP is converting both a Briggs & Stratton engine, and a Mitsubishi V6. Proprietary improvements are included. Millions of engines, of all sizes, that can spin generators 24/7/365 will rapidly enter world markets.

    Companies developing intermittent wind and solar systems can instead utilize solar powered engines to provide 24/7/365 continuous power, both at the point of use and, with a group of multi-megawatt engines, at sub-stations, eliminating the need to run grid power to wind and solar farms.

    Hybrid and electric cars using fuel-free engines will have on-board recharge and unlimited range. They could use Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) systems to sell power to utilities, or power homes and other buildings (V2B) when suitably parked.

    With these engines, AESOP is opening a path to fast acceptance of another seemingly impossible new science, modifying the sacrosanct Second Law of Thermodynamics. Skeptics might read SECOND LAW SURPRISES (under MORE) on the website.

    A WHITE PAPER about AESOP's Fuel-Free engines is available with a signed NDA. Interested? Contact me at 707 861-9070 or [email protected]

    As in the case of LENR, AESOP is slandered by Trolls, including rants by an obsessed individual, posting some truth and many lies, errors and distortions. He uses pseudonyms, posing as a fake ‘Physics Board’. My bio is on the website.

  • Gunderson says:
    "But now the American physicist Association, which until now has been dismissive, begun to publish works of scientists who believe the effect is real. says:"

    First I have heard this. If true, I think Joshua might have to do something about it. If his organization lets in the LENR riff-raff, next comes the magnet motor, and perpetual motion low lifes. What will the public think? :)

  • "There seems to be no proof that they obtained 20 times input energy in the ultraheavy hydrogen patent. Show us the proof! "

    Agree 20 times!?, there is never proof without scientific publication, the only reliable work so far is

    Heat generation above break-even from laser- induced fusion in ultra-dense deuterium
    Leif Holmlid. AIP Advances 5, 087129 (2015);


  • Shane D,

    Skepticism is justified until Fuel-Free engines (and/or Geomagnetic Generators) are verified, validated and Certified by independent laboratories. Since two engines have now run without fuel, that is likely to take place in the not-to-distant future. Two more will follow in a few weeks.

    Once readily demonstrable, engines that spin generators without consuming fuel might very well launch a perpetual commotion.

    Geomagnetic Generators are at an earlier stage of development. Early experiments and an accidental discovery suggest they will prove practical. Better prototypes are needed to confirm the inventors assumption. They reflect what inventor Wayne Gridwold terms Simulacrum Science, a mathematical analysis with many ramifications, some of which have already been proven. An extremely reputable independent laboratory is well equipped to verify and validate this work and has expressed interest in doing so, when it becomes appropriate.

    “In this present world …a revolutionary idea or invention is hampered in its adolescence – by want of means, by selfish interests, pedantry, stupidity and ignorance. It is attacked and stifled, and passes through bitter trials and tribulations. … All that was great in the past was ridiculed, condemned, combated, suppressed, only to emerge all the more powerfully, all the more triumphantly from the struggle.” Nikola Tesla

  • Aftenposten publish a second article on LENR

    Is this oil heir?

    Can two guys in a small office in smoke sitting on the solution to the climate crisis? Merger of ultra dense hydrogen will give us cars and drones with unlimited range. Houses can be unplugged easily. Or is it just wishful thinking?

    The article on April 4th looks nearly the same as the one on April 2nd, with different illustrations and formating...

  • Mark,

    There are different types of skepticism...some good some bad. Josh practices the bad kind. He wants LENR dead and buried, or at the least, where he thinks it the scientific dumpster along with magnet motors, perpetual motion, and probably right next to your engine. :)

    He advocates defunding any public LENR institutes, university/industry LENR researchers to be made pariahs, students expressing an interest in pursuing LENR should be warned away under threat of career suicide...all for the good of his science just because he, and many of his colleagues thinks LENR is bogus.

    His style skepticism applied to your case would not be good IMO. My type skepticism though, which most here share, calls for caution, but to keep an open mind about your car.

  • Shane,

    I welcome caution and skepticism. AESOP and its earlier affiliates have evaluated hundreds of new energy claims. Most were inventors delusion. Some were scams. We can count on one hand those worthy of further consideration.

    The data on the Arctic-News website suggests Global Warming will begin eliminating human life in 7 to 15 years. That suggests the need to replace 80% of fossil fuels within 5 years. Any hope to accomplish that seemingly impossible goal depends on revolutionary breakthroughs in energy coupled with 24/7/365 efforts to manufacture and install practical breakthrough systems. During World War II, a 4 engine bomber rolled off a Ford assembly line every 59 minutes. That is the scale of effort now required.

    I applaud all efforts to move toward practical solutions. Critical evaluations are welcome.

  • Russ Geaorge publishes on his blog a recent presentation by Holmlid&Olafsson about their Ultra-Dense Hydrogen theory.


    By the way, some slides resonate with what I've see from Jacques Dufour on pico-chemistry theory.
    I don't know if it is really related... To be investigated.