The principle of least action in nuclear physics

  • Daniel Szumski has an interesting angle on the question of anomalous heat..versus transmutations in LENR conditions.

    He believes that the principle of Least Action which is known to operate in macroscopic kinetic phenomena, can be shown to operate in nuclear transmutations.


    No maths in this essay but the maths can get heavy duty... it would be nice to get Mizuno's transmutation data. knowing that heat output was zero.

    Feynman had a interesting lecture about the practical utility of this minimum entropy/ change principle applied to calculating capacitance.

    Perhaps it might be useful in LENR as Szumski said
    Any one prepared to polish up their Lagrangians?

  • The principle of least action, when formulated in quantum field theory, leads naturally to Feynman's path integral approach, which can then be applied to either QED or QCD. As stated above, however, the maths get complex in a hurry.

  • you're right
    Until I've spruced up my math from last century
    I'll just go with the metaphor of lattice phonons at THz frequency being concentrated at nodes or cracks in the lattice to produce 400 Kev photons,, a bit like
    the waves producing geysers in blowholes at the seashore.

  • I like the metaphorical model. There was once one of the those on the Oregon coast, and there there may still be "La Bufadora" (The Puffer) some ways south of Ensenada, in Baja California, Mexico. Those rocky structures can eventually wear out and disappear... no recent viewings by me.

    Essentially the argument might be that a large and ponderous oscillating mass of can lead to a smaller but more energetic projectile orthogonal to the original direction of propagation. Almost sounds like transforming AC, power in roughly equals power out, but peak potentials can be widely different. Or (perhaps) another view: m1 V1 = m2 V2.

  • the power of the net: la bufadora

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    if 1000 thinkers worked channeled on the net they might come up with a bufadora