Recipe to create a LENR reactor

  • I am giving you a recipe that you can use to create working LENR reactor in 1 day.

    Only 2 people (Rossi and me356) have been able to create a reactor so far, that produces measurable excess heat.
    The patent application of Rossi does not work to create a working device.
    99% reactors have been non-successful.
    Rossi and me356 who can create the reactor, state that they can stop and start at will. Excess heat stops the reaction.
    Strangely enough, unlike a true fission reaction, instead of blowing itself like a thermonuclear bomb, it simply stops when it gets too hot.
    DANGER AHEAD: The below designed is guaranteed to work, so you need to take precaution to protect yourself from explosion, meltdown and radiation.

    How does this new design work.
    Principle: There is no scientifically proven method to trigger fission at 300-800 degree range.
    So, the way a LENR reaction is triggered, is to start with a fuel, that already has some element isotopes, with statistically significant half life based decay. An example, is having Nickel isotope of 63 or monazite, which has relatively high half life.
    The fuel mix in LENR and device design essentially leverages this very low natural radioactivity to trigger much higher amount of radioactivity.
    It is like using ONE candle to lit thousands of candles.
    Once LENR has been triggered in a fuel mix, the fuel is "active" for few days. Meaning, monazite can be removed, and neither is Ni 63 required, because the fuel itself has additional Ni 63 isotope. This "active" fuel can be mixed with fresh non active fuel mix, to create more LENR devices.

    This principle can also explain why the reaction stops when the reactor becomes too hot.

    The device requires heating the nanosized nickel with nascent hydrogen, which causes the absorption of hydrogen inside the nickel 58 or nickel 62 shell. This is Rydberg matter.But this does not produce excess heat, probably some radiation.A very low probability event, which is decay of Ni 63 occurs, releasing some neutrons randomly. This neutron can knock the hydrogen loaded in nickel to cause nuclear fusion follow by decay, which causes the lithium to absorb the resulting alpha particle and undergo atomic weight change.Here it has to be kept in mind that the Nickel and hydrogen have a sweet spot of temperature between 250 to 600 degrees. Below, this the hydrogen is not energetic enough. Above 600 it is too strong vibration wise to get knocked by neutron.This is the reason why most reactors are not successful, because they don't have enough Ni 63.This is why only Rossi and me356 have succeeded. They luckily stumbled upon a stock of Nickel that had excess Ni 63 isotope. The monazite layer is cheap and guaranteed better alternative of Ni 63. Its radiation will release many particles which will trigger a reaction. The reaction will not take more than 10 minutes to start. Increase the temperature of the reactor 10 degrees every 10 minutes, and stay at that temperature for 10 minutes and then move up.No need to oscillate.

    1) Use Hyrdogenated Nickel.
    2) Ensure that there are some istopes of Ni63 in the raw material you buy. Just 58 or 62 is not enough.
    3) The Ni 63 has half life which is low, and is naturally radioactive, but with low intensity.
    4) Get monazite mineral, and create a cylindrical core from it.
    5) Your new reactor needs to have three layer core.
    6) The inner most layer is heating layer based on electrical current going thru resistive wires.
    7) The layer next is your normal fuel layer, with Nickel, (about 1 % Nick 63 isotope). Nickel particle size should be under 20 microns. Preferably under 50 nano meters.
    8) Use Nascent hydrogen. LiAH is good.
    9) Use 30% Lithium.
    10) The outside layer is the monazite layer, which has natural emission. This is the "trigger" layer.
    11) The outermost layer can be a metallic layer, to transfer heat.

    Once you are successful, you should call it PROUT LENR reactor. PROUT stands for Progressive Utilization Theory.

    This recipe is based on Meditational Intuition.

    Best of luck.
    Go create a better world.

  • 3) The Ni 64 has half life which is low, and is naturally radioactive, but with low intensity.

    If it works, I'm all for it.

    64Ni does not have a short half-life, it is stable over billions of years so it not radioactive. 63Ni has a half-life of 100 days, though. 64Ni's nucleus consists of a high and even number of neutrons (36) and a magic number of protons (28). In the Lugano report, 64Ni comprised 1.1% of the fuel. Natural abundance is 0.9%, so maybe it was 20% enhanced but perhaps that difference is within the margin of error? Meanwhile the ash consisted almost completely of 62Ni ... very little or no 58Ni, 60Ni, 61Ni or 64Ni remained.

    Monazite, on the other hand, is radioactive due to the presence of thorium. The radioactive decay series of 232Th is complex and produces alpha, beta, and gamma radiation. I can see why it might make a good trigger.

    BTW, if this bad boy goes BANG! in your garage, you may have a decontamination problem to deal with.

  • Shiv Singh
    I was going to make some nuclear physics remarks on your recipe, but the last sentence

    "This recipe is based on Meditational Intuition."

    makes any comment superfluous. Postings like this certainly do not benefit serious LENR research (if there is such a thing --- I'm still searching).

  • Peter

    Give Shriv a break.

    Cultural boundaries should not separate us or give rise to pre conceived ideas. Consider the case of Ingo Swan who through some currently unknown mechanism was able to acquire knowledge at a distance such that he was enrolled to spy for the United States.

    LENR still an unknown mechanism and considered pseudoscience by many is in the same arena, we must be brave as many are. I am intrigued that you were suitably impressed to consider making 'nuclear physics remarks on Shriv's recipe' so it could not have been that far off your own thinking.

    We all meditate on the phenomena of LENR and some of us are guided by intuition to make an objective analysis through experiment.

    Quote - Nicola Tesla:
    "Instinct is something which transcends knowledge. We have, undoubtedly, certain finer fibres that enable us to perceive truths when logical deductions, or any other wilful effort of the brain, is futile"

    Best regards

  • I would suggest voracious reading of patents on the subject (whether old or new) and other reports of success (whether old meaning up to 100 years or new).ME356 claims success after 6? months.There are 2 non insulting options:A. He is a genius born for the field Or B: He has seen what others did and copied them.He himself claims to have got the 'tip' from research.

  • @frankwtu

    "Cultural boundaries should not separate us or give rise to pre conceived ideas."

    It has nothing to do with cultural differences, at least in the classical sense. Maybe that I have difficulties in understanding the interest in pseudoscience and alchemy. Here is a classic example from Mats L and Bob G:

    These postings mean very little since they can just be ignored. Mats' article is, however, based on Piantelli's patent application

    Could someone knowledgeable in patent applications tell me if you can be granted a patent with an application that:

    1 Is in conflict with known physics.
    2 Does not show that the device works as claimed.
    3 Is so general in formulating the requirements that there is no chance of replicating the device.

    I will quote just one example from point 11 of Piantelli's application:

    11. A method for generating energy according to claim 3, wherein said energy vector (69) is a ionizing radiation selected from the group comprised of
    - a radiofrequency, in particular microwaves; - a light radiation;
    - a UV - radiation;
    - an X - radiation;
    - an a - radiation;
    - a β - radiation;
    - a Y - radiation;

    That covers the whole electromagnetic spectrum and nuclear decay, so the information
    content is virtually nil! Besides, the first three radiation types are not defined as ionizing radiation. Actually, the applicant has left out one important type of radiation: infrared!

    According to Mats the patent was granted on April 15, 2016. How is that possible?

  • Peter


    It appears to present the position of the World Intellectual Property Organisation and is a bit of a drudge to read. But essentially explains the view of the Standing Committee on the Law of Patents.

    A patent can be granted (in the US if the conditions are met that it is:
    1. 'Novel' (i.e. at least some aspect of it must be new)
    2. Non-obvious (in United States patent law)
    3. or involve an inventive step (in European patent law) Useful (in U.S. patent law) or
    4. be susceptible of industrial application (in European patent law.

    But the patent can then be re examined under an opposition system (stricto sensu) which offers third parties an opportunity to oppose the grant of a patent within a certain period of time provided by the applicable law.

    The effect of the opposition on civil actions in some countries has an 'estoppel effect' or the effect that civil proceedings are stayed. In other countries, both administrative and civil proceedings can be pursued independently and in parallel. Watch this space!!!!!

    The document appears to be draft and has many 'apparent' alterations so not sure if it is authoritive.

    That's as close as I can get to answering your questions, it appears to me if you catch the patent clerk on a good day you could get almost anything through.

    Best regards

  • Peter

    It looks like LENR and the Rossi Effect is after all REAL

    Just an additional thought on the patent 'opposition system' it will be interesting to learn in good time whether Rossi challenged the patent application allegedly filed by Industrial Heat 'without his knowledge or consent' and if not why not! Maybe it was filed with intellectual property that did not belong to him?

    And if it was, why if IH don't believe Rossi's invention works and therefore would not believe it to be 'an inventive step', 'useful', or 'novel' unless they do in fact believe. If they are 'believers' then the case is about Rossi not giving them sufficient support to make it work. What a find Peter, thanks for putting me onto that, it looks like LENR and the Rossi Effect is after all REAL.

    Best regards

  • I am working on the replications for 1.5 year. I am nothing like a genuis in this field. But I would say that I have very good understanding in related areas such as engineering, development, programming and production. This is helping me very significantly. I am moving in the field of alternative energy for longer time and already verified many interesting phenomenons that are not related with LENR.
    I can also say, that I am very patient and I can do whatever is needed until desired target is reached.

    With regards to the experiment, it could work. But I think that the key part is missing. Something similar as when you are trying to cook a meaty meal without meat.

  • I think the recipe I gave, is guarnateed to work.
    Monazite already has radioactive particles, so it will bomb the the nickel fuel with many particles. This will trigger a domino effect.
    We know that based on Rossi's patent, that once the reaction starts, it sustains for months or weeks. It is basically a domino effect. So, what has been missing has been the trigger. Monazite or Ni 63 is the trigger.
    Infact, once the reaction occurs, the nickel itself becomes active radioactive substrate, and I would say, that after a few hours of excess heat, you don't even need the monazite.
    Subsequently, simple heating the cell will cause the nickel /liah/li to generate the heat, for months thereafter.
    The monazite component is the first object in the the domino effect. Once it starts, the future reactors can be build with fresh nickel substrate mixed with fraction of the nickel powder taken from an active reactor that actually worked.

    This path I have suggested is 100% logical and scientific.

  • Frank,

    Thanks for trying to answer my question about patents. I suppose we can agree on that the rules are not what one would expect and want. I do not think Einstein would have granted Piantelli's patent. Or maybe he had so he could get back to think about relativity. My interpretation of the patent is that Piantelli does not really have a working invention but he wants to cover all the bases. Another reason can be that it is advantageous to have a patent (preferably completely unintelligible) for the process of getting money from gullible investors. Maybe they are impressed by Piantelli's hyperons - I am not!

    Yes, of course the Rossi effect is real: How to make $10M from some hot steam with a little help from his Swedish friends (embarrassingly enough).

  • That's what needed clarifying but unfortunately you gave the middle ground answer which still leaves us in the dark (humour).You did say that a hundred year old (1920) writing described a process that worked to give excess heat so I assumed you had been a very voracious researcher.If you're a gifted synthesiser then we still need to rest heavily on you (plus the ten companies) to get it out.As long as it is going to come out eventually,I'm not worried.Keep up the good work.