Infinite Energy publish a review of An Impossible invention, with interviews...

  • Infinite energy published a book review with very interesting Interview, about the last book of Mats Lewan : "An Impossible Invention".

    There is an interview of Mats Lewan, who answer general question on LENR coverage, on his feeling about E-cat, Rossi, and Defkalion.

    Beside that interview, there is a good book review, by IE editor, but also by Michael McKubre, Brian Josephson and Jed Rothwell.

    There is much to read, but some is know to people following the subject since long. I caught that paragraph from Michael McKubre that resonate well with my sad feelings:


    This book anticipates that awareness and significantly shapes it.The change-averse Luddites, sadly many in the physics community, will continue to delay and resist.
    As Tolstoy warned us (read the book) history has shown, and this book reinforces, that no test, no result, no analysis, no data and no theory can effectively change this reactionary mindset. Working machines can effect this change by avoiding the self-perpetuating gatekeepers.