Cutting Through the Fog Surrounding the Rossi/IH Dispute (Josh G)

  • Quote: “Maybe you should focus on proving yourself innocent of any connections to British Gas and the possible implications of that!”

    Well they supply my house with gas - does that count?

    Otherwise I vaguely remember doing some paid consultancy for…

    You obviously did not get the point did you?

    Of course I know you cannot prove yourself innocent ... Yet, this is what is expected from Rossi in a huge amount of accusations of fraud etc. Well, I know you've been more careful then your friends, but hints are all over the place, combined with accusations of crazyness and/or as a deduction almost infinite incompetence.

    The only valid accusation of fraud is the complaint made by Rossi. IH should focus on disproving those claims instead of ad-hominem on every person involved with an Italian sounding name.

  • Sifferkoll wrote "Jones are more or less as close as we get to the dark force on this planet ".

    Forgive me but my tech-anxiety can not handle all this fog
    Maybe Jones is connected with Starbucks and Deathstar Trump, maybe not.

    Here is a secret weapon to protect yourself for the next ad hominem salvo

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    The low energy nuclear force be with you

  • There is no Chinese investment Sifferkoll. You've haven't realized it you but you've been out of bullets for some time now.

    Did I say that? Don't think so. I was merely painting a picture of you dancing and singing "stellar, stellar" in front of some Chinese visitors, which I believe to be pretty accurate.

  • Sifferkoll - where do you get this crap from? Looks like we're back to hyper conspiracy mode with a repeat cycle - did you run out of material?

    The good guys are investing in LENR projects that may work. Your hate and slander continue to show what…

    You saying it is crap in a matter of minutes is as good as any confirmation I would say. ;)

  • Quote

    Of course I know you cannot prove yourself innocent ... Yet, this is what is expected from Rossi in a huge amount of accusations of fraud etc.

    It is only in your mind that there are these frauds, conspiracies, etc. (Well, I think MY would follow you on the frauds). And it is only in your mind that someone who claims an extraordinary world-beating technology, but has never validated it, should have everyone assume it works.

    Also only in your mind is the idea that you can advance your argument by accusing random people of weird conspiracies.

    There are many eccentric lone inventors who are convinced they have world-changing technology, and only a very few actually have this. Most are just wrong. Some are fraudulent. Whether Rossi is fraudulent or not is a distraction and nothing directly to do with this, as well as being difficult for anyone on the outside to establish because fraud implies deliberately telling investors things that are not true to obtain money, and we don't know what he has told investors, nor do we know which of the many scientific mistakes in his tests are deliberate.


    The only valid accusation of fraud is the complaint made by Rossi.

    Rossi's claims of fraud from IH do not look superficially likely - and were viewed as not likely to hold even if his stuff does work by that Canadian lawyer - but I guess the Court will decide.

  • Before someone finds out, I confess that during my professional life I worked on projects having Lockheed Martin as customer. So when I spread lies about the Lugano calorimetry or the TPR1 input power, everybody bear in mind my conflict of interest re the Compact Fusion reactor...

  • Sifferkoll, you sure seem to post an amazing amount of baseless rhetoric and opinion with little to no evidence, facts or even valid theories. I think we all know what you meant when you mentioned the Chinese the way you did...more baseless rhetoric upon which you backpedaled on when called out. Good try though...

  • Sifferkoll you are also REALLY reaching by your attacks and accusations over Thomas Clarke regarding British Gas to an immature pathetic level. What are you implying by making this connection? I would sure hope you have a rock solid argument for bringing this mans professional past and reputation into the discussion. Pretty tacky.

  • Don't feel bad Andrea...I have flown on a few aircraft developed partly or in whole by Lockheed Martin, so I am sure that I will be somehow tied into the conspiracy chain on evil right along with you lol!!! I also have a few friends and associates that know people who have seen the ACTUAL building where Lockheed Martin operates I am deeply implicated! Hopefully I make it on to that hilarious pdf of ties. Forgive my jest here, but I figured it would be a great way to illustrate the absurdity of some of these outlandish links. Kevin Bacon must be a hero of some here like Sifferkoll! lol

  • Much speculation on this thread.

    I hope we soon may have the ERV report, then we may have something tangible to discuss and evaluate.

    The 1MW plant was heating a water stream as I understand it. Heat transfer with water is easy to measure and calculate. Give me the mass flowrate in (at stable conditions) and the pressure and temperature in and out and I'll tell you the heat power exchanged at the point in time of measurement. ( mass flow out should also be measured to confirm stable conditions and that nothing of input water is drained elsewhere, i.e. Fraud ;) )

    I Expect Penon has made continous measurements of the above and integrated over time it will tell actually energy levels exchanged of the time integrated.

    Speculation: The only possible fraud would be that Penon was in on a conspiracy.
    Anyhow: We'll know more of this when IH give their reply in the Court case, I think.

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