Photos of 1MW Plant Address

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    [feedquote='E-Cat World','']Thanks to Radius11 for heading over to the presumed address of where the 1MW E-Cat plant test took place and taking some pictures. The address is 7861 NW 46th St, Doral, FL 33166, and the pictures are below (originally posted as a comment on this thread:…tomer/#comment-2648716420 The name JM Products is prominent on the […][/feedquote]

  • I just tried to post something similar to the following in the comments at ECW but Frank appears to have deleted again:

    The 1MW unit and Rossi's shop are in the building next door. Steam or hot water were fed thru a hole in the wall (SK is going to love that one) into the "customer" location with a return line going back into the 1MW system. The curious should study the building HVAC system, square footage and dimensions to better determine what kind of extra heat removal equipment might be needed to accomodate the scale of heat production that Rossi has been claiming from the 350 day test. I might be wrong about this but my guess is that you would be able to see the resulting heat signature from space.

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    Are there sufficiently resoluted IR satellite images available to the public.

    I don't think one could ever convince a Rossi believer of the plants unoperability or a pathoskeptic of it's operability. Rossi took care for this by never releasing enough information for a such a definite conclusion.

    He continues to do so by the announcement of his very important next customer, instead of telling us a name so we can ask this person ourselves.

  • Majorana - I'm sure that IR sat data has been secured if it is available. If all of that claimed heat was real then it had to go somewhere.

    With your mention of the next test cycle, is anybody is asking about the "ERV" for the most important and critical upcoming event?