Question List for All Successful Replicators

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    Hi Hank.

    This is an excellent initiative, for which you are to be thanked. One little problem is that chemicals tend not to be branded like toothpaste, and buying them from leading producers like Sigma Aldritch (even assuming they deign to supply you as a private individual) is often 10X as expensive as buying on the grey market. An example of this is the 'Norilsk Nickel' that sells. It is the one most consistently giving us a modest XSH result- but we know nothing about it as it was bought on the (would you believe it!) Eastern European equivalent of Craigslist.

    Everything else that looking for heat does by way of experiments and nickel prep -and much more- is on out website -both documents and videos -under the general heading of 'Research Notes'.

  • At LENR-Cities we are preparing a plan for successful replicators willing to value their own work (several options)
    We are investigating how to integrate Open source, let say Open technology ( it is done for other main options - main open questions are what replicators are expecting). As you know our model is not based on IP stuff, so no concern what is your preference.

    [email protected] is you want to know more, Thanks.