LookingForHeat : translation fo Andreeve/Parkhomov article about Isotopic Shift in NiH reactors.

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    Isotopic Shifts In Nickel-Hydrogen Reactors

    Translation performed by www.lookingforheat.com from Russian to English of a short paper by Alabin, Andreeve and (Alexander) Parkhomov, published 10th December 2015 in the ‘International Journal of Unconventional Science’ Volume 10(3) pp 49-53. The translation is presented pretty much as received, with the occasional comments inserted in italics.

    Results of the analysis of the isotopic and elemental composition of nickel-hydrogen fuel reactors.
    .A. Alabin, S.N. Andreev, A.G. Parhomov

    Abstract – This paper presents the results of analysis of the isotopic and elemental fuel composition before and after operation in the Rossi E-Cat, as well as in similar reactors. The Rossi reactor (after producing a claimed 5800 MJ of excess heat) showed great changes in elemental and isotopic fuel composition.