EPS Leuven : Proposed Satellite Meeting to the 43rd EPSMeeting on Plasma Physics on LENR

  • Hi Alan. I really appreciate Fredrics efforts it was a really good opportunity. Unfortunately I could not have attended this time but if it is arranged in the future I would certainly try to join.

    I originally had high hopes for this meeting and also hoped to encourage some of my work colleagues who have some mainstream back ground to attend. But I guess the time was not right.

    I'm afraid that if I primed them to look into it now they would first read up on it on the Internet and instead of reading all the interesting things done in the past years that caught my attention and imagination last year, they would instead see the current conflict and war of words surrounding current controversies. I'm afraid his would only reinforce prejudices and discourage them from taking things seriously in the future.

    I suppose it it might be better to let the current situation blow over a bit before arranging a similar meeting? Or perhaps the opposite is the case if we counter the conflict and bad news with good data? Hopefully by Autumn things are already improved though.

    if you do arrange it I wish you great success with it. Maybe it will be a good time to make a trip back to my home country ;)

  • Hi Stephan

    Well, this might take a long time to 'b'low over.' But I agree we need some time for current trends to become clear. I would hope to make a firm decision at the end of June, which would give my July and August to arrange things.