me356: Reactor parameters [part 2]

  • hendersonmj: thank you for your summary!

    My update: I have tested plasma based reactor for longer period of time.. Results are clear.
    Unfortunately the power that is under the lid is so strong I will probably not continue in this area.
    Reactor is emmiting neutrons a few days after the test!

    With lithium COP might be exceptionally higher. Very rough estimate is COP of 10-50.
    But I am not skilled enough to be absolutely sure about safety which is reason why I will continue with reactors that are more safe.
    Emmissions (RF, electrons and UV) during the test were so strong that my control circuit was absolutely crazy even that it was 3 meters away - it is unusable.

    Now I am playing with dangerous things that are clearly working.

    I am afraid, but LENR is not safe as it looked initially. You can make a nuclear reactor with all the things you really don't want.
    Fortunately it can't get out of control so easily. If power output is limited, you are safe.
    But there will be probably always some kind of potentionally harmfull radiation. Fuel and fuel chamber must be very clean from impurities to not get unwanted products.

    Now I understand perfectly why Rossi is working on the e-cat so long. You have something that is working, you have a prototypes and you are nearly ready for mass production. Then you will find something amazing, that can increase the excess heat significantly so that previous work is not important anymore. But there are again many difficulties and unknown things that it can take a few years to get a fully working prototype based on the new discoveries, but it is surely worth. You can continue endlessly, because LENR is opening doors of something completely unknown and much more. not just energy conversion. It is possible that in 10 years, everything will be completely different.

  • Are you planning to publish the results of your experiment? It seems important and if you are serious about not working on plasma LENR reactors you have nothing to lose from publishing it in a scientific journal.

  • me356,

    These are interesting updates. I hope that you are maintaining skepticism about your own results. For example, I first get excited when I see something new, but then start to have nagging doubts about other explanations. Almost always, one or more of those alternative explanations is the true one. Maybe you are already doing this in your own processes, and I apologize for the suggestion if so.

    It is better not to extrapolate and guess, but to measure. Measure in as many ways as you can on the input and output side. Make the data prove the effect is real while you try to prove it false. A real effect can withstand whatever additional measurements and skepticism thrown at it.

    I am concerned that your reticence about releasing the information on how you achieve your results may indicate nagging doubts that you have. Again, I certainly could be wrong about that and look forward to seeing the possibility of a clear explanation for how to produce the effect, or it is also ok to discover that an error has been made.


  • It is simply awesome that you are not only finding such success, but seem (like MFMP) to be committed to open sourcing your results.

    Please do not be offended by this, but .. FOR GOODNESS SAKE publish instructions, a recipe a quidebook AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so that others can first replicate reliably the LENR energy creation, and second that they can create better funded , staffed and trained groups and dedicate the proper resources to breaking this seemingly eternal LENR logjam. I have access to funds, and specialists and all we are waiting for is a solid no nonsense means of reliable replication. We could HIRE you - would that help? I just hope that you are not another Rossi who will get lost in a maze of perfection and productizing when in fact YOUR WORK is done - at least the first phase is. There is no reason why, with the results you claim, your involvement in a well funded and staffed effort would not be fantastically rewarding! Think, man! This is the obvious and essential next step! How can you possibly wait, or worse stop now! OR do it cloak and dagger style ala Rossi? Please do not take offense at the directness of this. I am not accusing you of any of the negative things inherent in this, but you do stand on the threshold: which way will you turn now? Just make it clear here on this forum, and we will find a way to communicate directly. Or contact MFMP before the end of this day to arrange a collaboration. You have an immense opportunity and obligation, and if anyone else on this blog disagrees with this or has a better plan for ME356 share it with us!

  • I will be happy to prepare mechanical drawings with Solidworks 3D modeling.
    But I will have to use guesses from the few published photos and try to scale things.

    Not the best way. If 356 could just make edits to my draft drawings I will be happy to continue to correct them and add bill of materials and sources etc.
    I will even stock the parts and build reactors for people that want one stop shopping.

    But to attempt to do this based on reading these hundreds of posts will be very difficult. A bit of disclosure would make a world of difference.
    Even some dimensioned hand sketches on a napkin will work.... I have a machine shop, I do PCB design and production. Toss me a bone.

  • This is like the me356 First and the Gimme Gimmes thread.

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  • "I am afraid, but LENR is not safe as it looked initially. You can make a nuclear reactor with all the things you really don't want."

    Mankind already have the knowledge how to ruin life for centuries. However that knowledge is controlled by the military and nuclear industry. Are you afraid the knowledge spreads to the "wrong" people? I would have problem with such thoughts in your position I think.

    • Official Post

    @me356: Just an idea: To safe time you could (again?) invite Bob Greenyer to your lab and give him all the necessary instructions and show him a live demo.

    So MFMP would be able to validate your results totally transparent while you have time to improve your reactor design.

    What do you think about this idea?

    It is important to spread the knowledge in these bad-news-times, at least to people who have experience in nuclear science and know how to experiment safely.

    Thank you for everything!

  • Mats,

    From the very beginnings of my love affair with LENR that question has plagued me. The dilemma in a single question: If you discovered a cheap, simple device which would produce all the clean energy the world would ever need, but could be modified by any handiman to vaporize an entire city, what would you do with it? I blogged (with others) this question several years ago. Perhaps there is no good answer to that. We are under a similar threat by a very small number of carefully selected individuals and have avoided a madman for 70 years, yet in the States political forces argue (essentially) that any madman can have a gun. Would they argue that any madman can have an A bomb?

    But then , ME356 thinks that at worst it could be a suicide pill. Here, Here!

  • The magic thing that ME356 has that all you other replicators do not yet have is the EMF stimulus waveform. He got that waveform through trial and error. Just consider, his tungsten reactor has nothing but tungsten and a spot on nickel. The EMF stimulus is driving the dipole electrons on the surface of the metal. There is no lithium, aluminum or anything else. It is EMF stimulation that is producing results.

    The role of the EMF stimulus is to power the dipole motion of the electrons in the metal lattice. This alternating electric current produced by this dipole motion is where the power of LENR comes from. These lattice electrons are connected to photons by entanglement. When power is fed into dipole motion, the electrons can connect to even more energetic photons. For example, we can start out with infrared light, then go to visible light, and eventually get to UV and x-rays.

    It is these photons, balls of light as Fulvio Fabiani has described that produce the LENR effect. The electrons are bound to the surface of the lattice but can drive the balls of photons via entanglement and pass added energy to them.


    Rossi’s engineer: ‘I have seen things you people wouldn’t believe’

    Talking about the validity of the E-Cat technology, Fabiani continues:


    “With the failures, I found myself having to believe in it. Why? Because when something fails, you see the behavior of the object. The next time you adjust it, then you see that it behaves very differently. And then you realize that it is something unique. We have it all filmed, which still cannot be disclosed. We have photographs of creatures that emit pure light that have completely melted the reactor down, all in a very quiet way. You just turn off the stimuli system and the reaction is switched off. It’s impressive.

    Note... You just turn off the stimuli system and the reaction is switched off. It’s impressive.

    Rather that send hours playing with a waveform generator, I offer a suggestion. Use a hexagonal crystal to filter the EMF to only let pass the magic LENR EMF driver.

    Place a spark inside a hollowed out chunk of graphite. The spark will produce all sorts of EMF waveforms. The hexagonal crystal of graphite will let pass a well controlled frequency that will stimulate photon vortex production. Rossi uses mica on his quark reactor as a filter. You might also try mica as an hexagonal EMF filter.

    When you get the proper reaction, measure the particulars of the waveform and use a EMF generator to reproduce it without the hexagonal crystal filter and spark.

    Edited 2 times, last by axil ().

  • I am not going to push @me356 one way or the other on disclosure. I trust he will decide when it is the right time and how to unveil the details of his efforts.

    A parable about crowds:
    In 2009, I volunteered at one of the major professional golf tournaments. I was fortunate to be assigned to the crew who did crowd control work at the first tee, driving range, and clubhouse. For one fantastic week I was within inches of the greatest players in the world. Do you know why Tiger Woods rarely signs autographs? Safety! A huge mob followed him everywhere. If he stopped, the crowd would stampede and someone would be hurt or killed. I watched him carefully choose confined area where few spectators would fit and give a dozen signatures. Here's a picture I snapped from inside the rope:

    I understand that the audience wants a documented recipe. @me356 has an excellent history of keeping his project moving forward and outlining his learnings along the way. Let's not spoil it by pushing too hard. I have recently re-read nearly every posting he made in the last year and I feel we need to trust him. Be patient.

  • Mats002

    reminder: Source : British Ministry of Defence titled “Global Strategic Trends out to 2040”.

    “A novel, efficient form of energy generation could be developed that rapidly lowers demand for hydrocarbons. For example, the development of commercially available cold fusion reactors could result in the rapid economic marginalisation of oil-rich states. This loss of status and income in undiversified economies could lead to state-failure and provide opportunities for extremist groups to rise in influence.” (emphasis added)”

    Trace of this information:…credible-strategic-shock/

    This is one of the design challenges of any plan to develop LENR while another one is make the technology widely available to address energy and sustainable development challenges. Consequently, a main requirement is to have an integrated view about the adoption of LENR and the development of this technology.
    at LENR-Cities/LENRG, we consider this is a key requirement.

    From a scientific point of view, the main challenge is to control LENR which requieres to mobilize the best WW team, my opinion, open to people with talents.

  • me356, you say that in the light of your amazing discoveries you fully understand the position of Rossi.

    Then perhaps you can explain to us why Rossi during all these years and in a plethora of different setups carefully has avoided to support his claims with even a single case of proper calorimetry.

  • Its way too bad we can't get ME365 an assistant to take notes start writing the narrative.
    This the problem for scientists....really a tendency to chase the fox and let the notes write themselves.

    Rossi is now in the zone where he tells assistants what to do and also who record the data. He then interprets the results, and designs the next foray.
    In this protocol someone needs to be thinking about if and when to launch. Hopefully it is someone.

    At some point Jobs & Wozniak decided to build a machine to sell......the first sale shuts down a lot of extraneous arguments.

  • I am sorry that you have to wait. But you can be certain that in a very near future there will be annoucements of many groups. Like a snowball efffect.
    I will publish the results and help with the replications as soon as there will be fully operating device that will work for a longer periods with a decent COP.
    This might take a few days - new revision is in preparation that should finally work for a really long time.

    I can at least publish some photos (although with poor quality). Reactor A (20160501-172719) right before triggering the excess heat.
    Reactor B - testing a pure discharge without modulation and then testing modulated plasma with partially visible balmer series.
    During the excess heat plasma is looking really cool - not possible to describe with a words. Separated into a thin slices (chunks).

    I was skeptical to my results for at least half a year.

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