me356: Reactor parameters [part 2]

  • Axil,

    The plan of some people here is following Piantelli, and Piantelli says that the reactions produce proton emission that may be used for aneutronic nuclear fusion such as p+Li and p+B.

    I criticized Piantilli's science in regards to producing protons in his reaction. Piantilli did not follow proper science in his subatomic particle detection methods. The particle he saw could have been anything. Piantilli shold have taken more care in his particle detection and identification science. How he decided that the particle he saw was a proton is not clear to me. You all may be following a blind Piantilli alley.


    Gold From Mats Lewan’s Impossible Invention Book (Engineer48)

  • You may not believe it, but I am not blindly following Piantelli and actually I am skeptical of his explanation of the reaction, if you noticed some of my posts. What I am saying here is that IF Piantelli is correct on the theory then boron or other boron-rich compounds should work just as fine.

    I am in the Rydberg matter camp of LENR causation. But more generally, LENR is fundamentally caused by something in and a part of electromagnetism. That causation is proportional to the strength of electromagnetism. In LENR experimentation, there have be numerous methods in increasing this electromagnetic effect. Rysberg matter is one of those effects that amplify whatever in electromagnetism causes LENR. But Rydberg matter is not the only way to amplify the LENR causative effect as has been demonstrated by many types of LENR experiments.

    All this speculation that a particular nuclear reaction is producing LENR is misguided. These nuclear reactions are EFFECTS of LENR not it cause. LENR is produced by the fundamental forces in nature. Whatever is producing LENR is beyond the scope of our current science and the standard modal as it is now defined.

    Yes, I think that there is a fifth force out there somehow imbedded in EMF. This addition fundamental force makes the strong and the weak force do thinks that these forces do not usually do. I am patiently waiting for this fifth fundamental force to be discovered.